Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yes, They Actually Treat Their Kids This Way

This is another story of a girl who was born into Scientology. 
How can parents treat their children this way?  It happens all
the time.

My mother found Scientology in her early 20s. She came from an
extremely dysfunctional family and the Church promised to make her
a better person and fulfilled her desire to help other people. They
became her family. Unfortunately for me and my brother (and my future
siblings), that meant all of her resources – all of her time and what
little money she had – went to the Church instead of to caring for us.

One of my first memories was being picked up by the police as I was
walking to the Church nursery by myself in a city that was known as the
murder capital of the United States. I must have been about 4 years old.
I was waiting for a light to turn green when a man took hold of my arm
and flagged down a police car. He couldn’t believe I was by myself and
wanted to make sure I was okay. The police drove me to the nursery
(following my directions) and made sure I arrived safely. 
Please click here to read the rest of her story.

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