Friday, December 2, 2011

America's Official Religion: Scientology

Please watch this very timely video.  If you wish to help rid the world of this insidious  cult, please CLICK HERE!

Since January 2008, the internet collective Anonymous has been actively engaged in exposing and destroying the global criminal cult of Scientology. The Project Chanology element of Anonymous, in collaboration with other "old guard" critics and former members, continues to expose the abuses of this cult, enabling more and more victims to speak out.

Scientology's main source of funding comes in the form of "donations" for "religious" courses. The cost for these courses can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. These courses, unlike those of any other religion in the United States, are tax deductible due to a secret settlement agreement reached in 1993 between the IRS and Scientology.

Please contact your Congressman and ask why Scientology is America's official religion.

This special treatment by the IRS literally provides the money that allows Scientology to continue its abuse of human rights, exploitation of child labor, suppression of free speech and worldwide human trafficking.

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The Scientologists are even losing in Clearwater

What I find funny is that this is happening at the Mecca of Scientology Delivery.  If you want to find out more about this despicable organization, CLICK HERE!

CLEARWATER, Florida -- Ruth Eckerd Hall announced Thursday afternoon it has canceled an upcoming fundraiser after negative reaction poured in due to its ties to the Church of Scientology.
It started with a mass email sent out by the non-profit music venue Wednesday morning. The email was an invitation to a January event at the Church, featuring David Pomeranz, a known Scientologist.
But it went to Ruth Eckerd's entire mailing list -- from anyone who has attended one show there to major donors -- leaving some furious about being asked to go to a Scientology function.
Some who received the email questioned if it was a violation of privacy and want to know who has their personal information.
On the Hall's Facebook fan page, one person wrote "I find it degrading and beyond insulting."
Another took it a step further, posting it "actually makes me want to stop being a member.  If you continue to partner with Scientology, I will be unable to associate myself with you."

You can read the full story and watch the video here!