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Did Hubbard Actually Order a Hit?

R2-45 is a Scientology auditing process created by L. Ron Hubbard. The process of R2-45
specifically pertains to shooting the target with a Colt .45 pistol, causing the victim's
"thetan" to leave the body (exteriorization). In 1952 during a meeting in Phoenix, Arizona,
Hubbard demonstrated the process of R2-45 by firing a shot at the floor. In a lecture of
1958, Hubbard comments that "Death is not the same as clearing but there is, remember,
R2-45. It's a very valid technique. A lot of people have used it before now."

—L. Ron Hubbard, The Creation of Human Ability
(all caps as per the original)

While representatives of the Church of Scientology have publicly acknowledged that "Auditing
Process R2-45" refers to "someone being killed and [their spirit] leaving the body", they
insist that it was presented as a "jest" or "joke" by Hubbard. In the transcript for the
lecture "Exteriorization", in which Hubbard refers in passing to R2-45, a footnote refers to
the process as being "used humorously".

However, critics of Scientology have pointed out that Hubbard also used it in apparently non-
humorous contexts. On March 6, 1968, Hubbard issued an internal memo titled "RACKET EXPOSED," in which he denounced twelve people (Peter Goodwin, Jim Stathis, Peter Knight, Mrs. Knight, Nora Goodwin, Ron Frost, Margaret Frost, Nina Collingwood, Freda Gaiman, Frank Manley, Mary Ann Taylor, and George Wateridge) as "Enemies of mankind, the planet and all life," and ordered that "Any Sea Org member contacting any of them is to use Auditing Process R2-45." Former Scientologist Bent Corydon wrote that in late 1967 at Saint Hill, he personally received a copy of an order naming four former Scientologists as enemies and "fair game" and ordering any Sea Org member who encountered them to use R2-45.

Many thanks to Robert Peterson for this image:

And from our friends at SkepticTank:

The words "Auditing Process R2-45" refered to by the Scientology crime syndicate's leader means
that the people on the list are to be shot with a .45 caliber firearm. The phrase "Fair Game"
refers to the crime syndicate's tactics of fabricating lies and using the court system to silence
the truth about the cult's activities. Fair Game also includes murdering people, killing their
pets, cutting their break lines, and doing whatever else they can to try to silence the truth
about their scams and criminal behavior.

The Scientology crime syndicate never abolished either Fair Game or R2-45 orders by their dead
leader. Indeed, they're not allowed to inasmuch as such orders from L. Ron Hubbard are considered dictates from deity and discontinueing such criminal behavior would be cause for ending up on the list for termination.

This document was one of many seized by Federal authorities in a series of raids upon the cult's
compounds many years ago. It has now been made public by having been entered into a large number of court documents which cover the criminal, murderous nature of the cult. I have added
commentary to the Federal document since cult-speak is employed and people who are not familiar
with the Scientology cult may need commentary. Commentary is in red.

"...The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow." -- L. Ron Hubbard, Science of
Survival, Chapter 27

                         HCO ETHICS ORDER

To: Those Concerned No. 30 INT E/O No. 28 INT added to From: The Founder

Subject: RACKET EXPOSED 6th March 1968 (BPI and goes in Auditor)

In the cult-speak of the Scientology crime syndicate, an "ethics order" is a written command by
the cult's creator L. Ron Hubbard which every cult follow is ordered to obey upon pain of punishment (reference the cult's "Rehabilitation Project Force" through an Internet search. The cult's RPF is the cult's prison gulag.)

                             FREDA GAIMAN
                             FRANK MANLEY
                             GEORGE WATERIDGE
                             PETER GOODWIN
                             PETER KNIGHT
                             POLLY STATHIS
                             JIM STATHIS
                             MARGARET FROST
                             MARY ANN TAYLOR
                             MRS. KNIGHT
                             NINA COLLINGWOOD
                             NORA GOODWIN
                             RON FROST

Note that the cult leader did not indicate the reasoning why these people are targeted for
murder as "suppressive persons" by "Sea Org members" -- a term which will be described shortly.
The cult leader claims they altered or leaked secrets about the cult (more likely the cult's
criminal activities to authorities of family) yet offers no specifics:

    are hereby declared Suppressive Persons for pretending to have and distribute
    forged and altered "Upper Level Materials" which were of a Research
    nature and not for distribution.

All Certificates and Awards are cancelled.

1. Having stolen or illegally procured these dangerous materials (at the instigation of a Psychiatrist) these persons did plot to misuse them to cause Insanity and Death.

The reference to "Psychiatrist" -- capitalized -- indicates a serious mental problem which the cult's
creator suffered from. L. Ron Hubbard had recognized the seriousness of his mental difficulties and had begged for the VA to assist him. Failing to acquire mental help, Hubbard's insanity got worse and his hatred of psychology drives much of the unfortunate occultism and criminal behavior the Scientology cult suffers from today. Every time the crime syndicate's felonies are exposed and followers go to prison, it's the fault of "Psychiatrists" -- capitalized.

2. False report for money that they would furnish the real materials.

3. They are declared Enemies of mankind, the planet and all life.

4. They are fair game.

The phrase "Fair Game" refers to another one of the crime syndicate creator's criminal racketeering orders, official policy which the cult's followers are not allowed to ignore. "Fair Game" in Scientology's cult-speak means, according to Hubbard, that victims of the cult may be lied to, cheated, harassed, and "destroyed utterly" -- with any means possible. The crime syndicate has been hauled up in front of a large number of judges because of the fact that the policy of "Fair Game" proves rackeeting, conspiracy, harassement, and other pre-meditated behavior. The crime syndicate's cult lawyers have tried to demand that such a policy doesn't exist any more yet the cult continues to provide evidence against itself.

5. No amnesty may ever cover them.

6. If they ever come to a Qual Division they are to be run on reverse processes.

7. Any Sea Org member contacting any of them is to use Auditing Process R2-45.

Here's the worse whistle-blowing aspect of this piece of evidence. The so-called "Auditing Process R2-45" is Scientology cult-speak for correcting a "suppressive person" with 2 rounds from a .45 caliber firearm. This "ethics order" created by the cult's leader, L. Ron Hubbard, states that any "Sea Org Member" is allowed to murder the people on the ever-growing list of enemies.

A "Sea Org Member" is a cult follower who has been suckered into the cult so badly that they're willing to murder for the cult -- as is required according to Hubbard. When L. Ron Hubbard and his ship the Apollo was repeatedly run out of every port in the United States (and many other countries) he declaired his ship to be a "Org" -- which is cult-speak for a franchise. Cult followers sign a billion year contract to join the Sea Org, indicating their devotion to the cult and, presumably, their willingness to fufill such "Ethics Orders" as this one demanding murder.

8. The Criminals Prosecution Bureau is to find any and all crimes in their pasts and have them brought to court and prison.

This is cult-speak for harassing people, libeling them, blackmailing them, forging bomb threats purporting to be from them, and staging "operations " attempting to acquire blackmailable materials on them -- just to name a few examples. While L. Ron Hubbard doubtless didn't believe half of the insane frauds he sold to his victims, among one of the biggest whoppers was the claim that anyone who exposes the cult, discloses information to the authorities, speaks openly and truthfully about the cult to the media, family, or friends et al. is some how a criminal. This is a freakish claim that the cult leaders continue to repeat to the popular press even today. Indeed, the cult puts out "help wanted" signs outside of their franchises and, if one fills out the employment form, one gets to see a lot of questions on the form which undeniably prove the criminal nature of the cult. One such question is "Are you an undercover agent for a Federal law enforcement
agency." Real religions and real business don't ask such questions.

The Public Distribution of False or Forbidden or Dangerous Data is a Suppressive Act and a High Crime.


Thanks go to the FBI for its 1970's raids of the Scientology crime syndicate compounds which seized such informative documents as this one.

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