Thursday, December 27, 2012

What Scientology Does To It's Enemies

First off let's define who Scientology's enemies are.  First, you have the public (Scientology's paying parishioners) that have left Scientology and spoken out, or have embarrassed Scientology in some way (usually by bringing a law suit against another Scientologist that could bring out some Scientology secrets into the public eye).  Second, you have ex staff members and ex Sea Org members that have come to the realization that Scientology doesn't work as advertised and are telling their stories publicly so that others don't get hooked into this oppressive cult.  Lastly, there are people outside Scientology (press, authors, television personalities, politicians, law enforcement, lawyers, judges and others), who dare to publicly disclose Scientology's crimes and anti social behaviors. 

For the parishioners, Staff and Sea Org who have left and spoken out, the first step is to Declare the person a Suppressive Person (excommunication).  This means that if you have any family and friends in Scientology, they will not be allowed any contact with you lest they too be declared.  Also, for ex members that have been up into the OT levels (the secret sci-fi past of all mankind and the exorcism of the multiple layers of entities who inhabit humans bodies with them, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars) Scientology, through it's lawyers, spend thousands of dollars a day on private investigators just to follow and spy upon these people in an effort to make sure that they are not speaking out.  I wish I was making this up, but I know more than one person who has this happen to them multiple times daily.  

I also know people who have never been in Scientology who are harassed by PI's on a daily basis because they have taken a public stance against Scientology as they have seen only a wrongness of Scientology's actions.  To those special people may I say a big thank you.

 So what about police agencies and the press?  By policy, Scientology attacks them the hardest.  These policies were written by Hubbard and still in practice today.  Here are some examples:


Anyone proposing an investigation of or an "Inquiry" into Scientology must receive this reply and no other proposal:
"We welcome an investigation into (Mental Healing or whoever is attacking us) as we have begun one ourselves and find shocking evidence."
You can elaborate on the evidence we have found and lay it on thick attacking the attackers only. NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. ONLY agree to an investigation of the attackers This was the BIG error made in Victoria. I Okayed an Inquiry into all Mental healing. I ordered evidence on psychiatric murders to be collected. Non-compliance with these orders brought on the loss of Melbourne and the law in Victoria against Scientology. This was the non-compliance that began it. The original order I gave was relayed as "we welcome an Inquiry into Scientology . . ." or it was changed to that in  Melbourne.
This is correct procedure:
(1) Spot who is attacking us.
(2) Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using own professionals, not outside agencies.
(3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.
(4) Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press.
Don't ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way.
You can get "reasonable about it" and lose. Sure we break no laws. Sure we have nothing to hide. BUT 
attackers are simply an anti-Scientology propaganda agency so far as we are concerned They have proven 
they want no facts and will only lie no matter what they discover. So BANISH all ideas that any fair 
hearing is intended and start our attack with their first breath. Never wait Never talk about us - only 
them. Use their blood, sex, crime to get headlines. Don't use us.

I speak from 15 years of experience in this There has never yet been an attacker who was not reeking with 
crime. All we had to do was look for it and murder would come out. They fear our Meter. They fear freedom. They fear the way we are growing. Why? Because they have too much to hide. When you use that rationale you win. When you go dishwater and say "we honest chickens just plain love to have you in the coop, Brer Fox," we get clobbered. The right response is "We militant public defenders of  
the freedom of the people want that there Fox investigated for eating living chickens!" Shift the spotlight to them. No matter how. Do it!

You can elaborate on the formula. Let's say some other branch of government wants to investigate us via the press Just apply the formula:

"We welcome a public inquiry into (that branch activity) as we already have begun to investigate their (...)."
It will always work. It even would have worked on the U.S. F.D.A. when they first began five years before 
their raid on DC. They run! And that's all we want.

The way we will eventually stop all attacks from there on out is by processing the society as follows:
(l) Locate a source of attack on us.
(2) Investigate it.
(3) Expose it with wide lurid publicity.


Remember, CHURCHES ARE LOOKED UPON AS REFORM GROUPS. Therefore we must act like a reform group. The way to seize the initiative is to use our own professionals to investigate intensively parts of the society that may attack us. Get an ammunition locker full. Be sure of our facts. And then expose via the press.


Don't worry about libel if our facts indicate rottenness. The last thing that target will do is sue as then we would have a chance to prove it in court, which they are terrified of our doing. Remember - the only reason we are in trouble with the press or government is that we are not searching out and exposing rotten spots in the society. We must practice on the whole group called society. 


And what if the "evidence" they dig up is not lurid enough?  No problem.  They will make it up as evidenced by what they "the church" did to well known writer Paulette Cooper , author of "The Scandal of Scientology", who testifies about the covert operations Scientology used against her to try to ruin her life.

I try not to get too emotional on these posts, some of my friends have told me I am not emotional enough, but I have a need right now to say something.  At whatever time of day you read this, right now, there are people that I love and care about who are being subjected to this kind of terrorism and it MUST STOP NOW.  Please God, LET IT STOP.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scientologists Really Believe This

The Christian community as well as most life affirming religions consider that Source equals God, or the Creator.  Scientologists believe that L. Ron Hubbard was source although there is no physical evidence that he created anything but another apocalyptic cult.  

That, in itself, is not that disturbing.  What I find more disturbing is that they put Hubbard's writings, Management and buildings above Scientologists.  They place themselves above professionals and artists and those above "good citizens".  I find it interesting that they place criminals above rocks, insects and fence posts, but all of these above The FBI, CIA and INTERPOL, and all of the above over squirrels (people who practice Scientology outside of the church).  Lowest in the food chain is, of course, the psych's (psychiatrists and psychologists).  Very strange but not if you know certain facts.

You see in 1974, Hubbard announced to the Scientology world who he "really was".  He claimed that he was none other than Maitreya (a bodhisattva who in the Buddhist tradition is to appear on Earth, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure dharma. According to scriptures, Maitreya will be a successor of the historic Sakyamuni Buddha. The prophecy of the arrival of Maitreya references a time when the Dharma will have been forgotten on Jambudvipa. It is found in the canonical literature of all Buddhist sects (Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana), and is accepted by most Buddhists as a statement about an event that will take place when the Dharma will have been forgotten on Earth)  Of course he changed the name slightly and called himself Metteyya, whether a misspelled word or artistic license who knows.

He made this epic announcement in a work called "The Hymn of Asia"  In he claimed that:

I come to bring you
all that Lord Buddha
would have you know 
of life, Earth and Man.

I come to you with
I come to you with 
I come to teach you
I come to help you.

With arduous study
With interest and
You will all
In very few years
Some in months
Become Bodhi

I can be addressed
But in our temples best
Address me and you address
Lord Buddha.
Address Lord Buddha
And you then address

Be attentive now.
You have preserved
Only a bit 
of what 
Lord Buddha
He said much more 
But then there came
Men who said 
Other things 
And changed 
A piece of this
A bit of that
And so we strayed.

Censor not free speech
And censor not free thought
But recall
In all these
Twenty-five centuries
None came 
And spoke
The Great Lessons Again 
Nor added to them 
Then to make 
You free.
I speak then
So you can agree.
So speak and think
Whatever you will
But come again to
these Lessons
If you stray
And become lost
and slaves as you have been.
With these 
And your agreement to 
We now can build
The Eastern 
And the Western Worlds
Into one great
Brotherhood of Man.

We can civilize 
the Barbarian
We can make lawful
the criminal

We can make sane
the insane
We can ourselves 
be free.

We can make just
The ruler
We can make
Merciful the strong
We can make well
The sick
We can make intelligent
The dull person.

We can make social
The unsocial.

We can make kind
The cruel.
We can reach
Men's minds
And change them.

I will undertake
To give you Golden

Two months of study
For the bright
Will place one's 
Foot upon the way
To help the rest.

A week of help
From such a student
Can make a Bodhi
Of the best.
Gone are your
decades of study
To attain
A Light.

We enter into a
Golden Age.
We are Golden Men.
We are the New Men
The new spiritual
Leaders of Earth.

We will prosper
To that degree
That we work
We will become
Rich in peace
And palaces to
The degree that
We maintain good order
And reasonable conduct
And preserve or even create
The Sanity of Man.
You have waited
For Centuries Past
For the Lessons
Your freedom
And Man's freedom
Your study
And your

We who have watched Scientology these many years can see through the falsehood of many of the statements in this tome.

Making the sick well - If you have an illness and walk into an Org, you are told flat out that there is no cure here.

Making sane the insane - If you have a mental disease and have ever been treated professionally, you are marked an illegal P.C. and never allowed "treatment" in Scientology.

Address me and you address Lord Buddha. Address Lord Buddha And you then address Metteyya. - He has announced his return as the Enlightened One.

Censor not free speech And censor not free thought - If you have ever been in Scientology, you know that this is a bald faced lie.  Not only do they censor free speech and free thought, they go to court to prevent them.

We can make kind The cruel. - If you have ever been on staff, you know that some of the most cruel and anti social people in the world make it to senior management positions.

I could go on, but I will leave it to all of you to fill in the blanks.  So let's all play Find-The-Lie.  You will not win any prizes but the best ones will have bragging rights.  Thank you all for reading my posts.  Be sure to tune in next time.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Tears

I woke up crying a few times last night.  Those of you who know me best will know why.  While many of us will spend the holidays with good friends and loved ones, sharing a good dinner and good cheer, there is a large group of people who will be alone or in small numbers around the world for the sake of a lie.

These people have been beguiled into believing that their sacrifice, giving up on love, life, happiness and joy, will be to the benefit of all mankind in creating a "world without war, crime or insanity, where honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights", and don't we all want that?

You probably know by now that I am talking about the members of Scientology's Sea Organization and especially, those members that are in the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force, Scientology's Prison Camp).  It is unnecessary at this point to go into the hard indoctrination (brainwashing) the people have gone through to bring them to this point of denial of all good things in life.  Be assured that most people, myself included, would bend to command intention (whatever happens to strike the fancy of David Miscavige at the moment).   You know what they say, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."  All of us who were ever in the "church" of Scientology believed, at one time, that we were doing the greatest good for the greatest number of beings, not only on Earth, but the entire Universe.

I am also talking about the hundreds of people, many who I know, that will be forbidden to be with their loved ones over the holidays because of Scientology's abominable policy of Disconnection.  When a Scientologist has fallen out of favor with "church" they are Declared a Suppressive Person (excommunicated)  and any and all Scientologists are forbidden to be with, or even speak to that person.   Friends, family, all you have ever been close to abandoning you because you dared to publicly leave the "church".  This is your permanent punishment for not following the mad rantings of the, now deceased, man who would be the master of the world. 

Here is my Christmas Wish.  That all of you PLEASE JOIN ME in my prayer  (or sending out positive thoughts into the Universe) that this is the last year that these good, well intention'ed people will have to go through the Christmas season without being around those that they love.  Thank you.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Church of Scientology vs. Church of Scientology

So there are a few points that bother me and I wonder if they bother you too.  What worries me most is that it appears that even Scientology "scriptures" tend to negate each other.  What the hell.  It may just be that I have misunderstood's.  Maybe someone can help me out on that.  Now it seems to me that a "church's" creed should reflect the actual position the organization takes.  Let is take a look at just a few points of the Creed Of the Church of Scientology along with a few points of policy the seem to make a lie of the creed.  So here goes:

We of the church believe:

"That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;"

Ok. So if I have a problem with the "church", I am free to tell the world how I feel about it?  Uh, not quite:

Such Suppressive Acts include public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing with Scientology Organizations; public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened; proposing, advising or voting for legislation or ordinances, rules or laws directed toward the Suppression of Scientology; pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology; testifying hostilely before state or public inquiries into Scientology to suppress it; reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard Scientology; (and) A truly Suppressive Person or Group has no rights of any kind and actions taken against them are not punishable under Scientology Ethics Codes."

Alright, here is another one:

"That all men have inalienable rights to the creation of their own kind;"

So this mean everybody.  Right?  Well, it seems that David Miscavige doesn't consider his own people to be up there along with the rest of us humans:

In 1986 David Miscavige decreed that in order to maximize production, Sea Org members would no longer be allowed to have children. Though the order was sent out in ED Int's name, it was pushed by David Miscavige. Couples who thereafter got pregnant were coerced to get an abortion. If that failed, they were banished  to a "small and failing org" as punishment for being "out ethics."


"And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly."

So does this mean that Hubbard was God and when he left he passed down godhood to David Miscavige?

And finally we have this:

"And we of the Church believe that the laws of God forbid man:
To destroy his own kind;"

Well that works, except it doesn't hold true for people below a certain tone level on his tone scale.  Let's hear what Hubbard had to say:

"The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the tone scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered. It is not necessary to produce a world of clears in order to have a reasonable and worthwhile social order; it is only necessary to delete those individuals who range from 2.0 down, either by processing them enough ... or simply quarantining them from the society."

And from Science of Survival:

""The only answers would seem to be the permanent quarantine of such persons from society to avoid the contagion of their insanities and the general turbulence which they bring into any order""


"In any event, any person from 2.0 down on the tone scale should not have, in any thinking society, any civil rights of any kind..."


"Such people should be taken from the society as rapidly as possible and uniformly institutionalized ... Because of the covert nature of this insanity, it is completely beside the point whether such a person is pronounced insane by any agency."

And finally:

"No social order will survive which does not remove these people from its midst."

So help me out someone.  Did I go past a word I did not fully understand?  Or does it seem that they say one thing and mean something totally different.  I will let you decide.

Thanks for being here today.  Tune in soon for another exciting episode.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scientology Volunteer Ministers - Another Pathway to Hell

Today I want to go into the wrongness of the actions of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.  But first, I want to say, SHAME on you John Travolta!  Why?  Because you know better.  You know that Scientology and it's "assists" are a sham.  You know from personal experience that they don't work, and yet you are still a shill for this organization.  Make no mistake, The Volunteer Ministers program is not a certified disaster relief program, nor is it a charitable organization although many of the volunteers may be at disaster sites  for altruistic ideals.  You see the "church" not only deceives the public at large, but probably 99% of it's own parishioners as well.  

Firstly, Scientologists are not trained in actual approved disaster response techniques.  They are not trained in search and rescue.  They are not trained in approved first aid.  They are not trained in how to deal with their own emotional responses to the immeasurable pain and death that one would find at a full on disaster site.  I will quote two volunteer ministers from the Haiti earthquake disaster:

"I came here to give touch assists to people, but how do you give a touch assist to a burnt corpse?" sobbed Annette Lolly from Clearwater, Florida. "This place is a stinking hell-hole and I want to go home!" She collapsed in tears and had to be helped onto the plane.

Tim Pedoski of Glendale, California, said he was not prepared for the things he saw. "These people need way more than we've been trained to provide," he said. "There is death and horror here and we were trained for scratches and mild upsets. The best thing I can do is get out of the way of the professionals."

If these people are still in the "church", you can bet they had to go through a long ethics program before they were allowed to go back on Scientology services.  These people were not trained in how to even deal with themselves, let alone how to really help in a disaster.  They have only been trained to hand out tissues to crying people, give out water bottles and deliver Scientology assists, and "Way to Happiness" booklets.  The really sad thing is that if the "church" really wanted their volunteers to be effective, they would put all of their volunteer ministers through the C.E.R.T. program it is free in most U.S. cities and is the most intense and rewarding program I have ever been through.  It teaches you how to be confident and truly effective in a disaster situation.  You can find out more about that program here.

So what training do they get.  The main training they receive is three Scientology processes called assists.  The first is called the touch assist.  It is touching the victims on various parts of the body and saying, "feel my finger?" and getting a response from the victim.  Scientologists are told that this process is to get the person back in touch with their body and that it will alleviate pain and therefore bring the person back into present time, making that person more able to deal with whatever emotional trauma they are going through.  What this process really is designed to do (although most Scientologists don't know it) is give the victim a temporary relief from the pain by misdirecting their concentration to other parts of the body, thereby making them think they feel better.  Therein is the hook.  Then you tell them you are a minister with the "church" of Scientology  and that they feel better because of the things you learned there.

The next process is for victims that are suffering from emotional trauma and shock, to supposedly relieve that trauma and get the person back into present time and therefore more able to deal with the problem at hand, which is survival.  The process is actually another sleight of hand misdirection.  It does not actually remove emotional trauma.  It temporarily buries is making you "feel better" for a time.  The problem is, the trauma has not been effectively dealt with.  The "auditing" commands for this process are, "see that tree? thank you, see that rock? thank you.  see that light pole?  thank you."  and it goes on till you can answer some simple questions.

The last process is the "nerve assist".  It is done without verbal commands.  You run your fingers down and across various "ley lines" of the body in an effort to "release" and blockages in the nerve paths of the body.  It is based loosely upon ancient Chinese acupuncture meridians although Hubbard never gave due credit to any other practice besides Scientology and never gave credit for any of his processes to anyone but himself.  It also doesn't work as advertised.

As concerning the processes above, and trained medical or mental health technician will tell you that  trauma and shock  need to be treated as soon as possible medically because if it is not, it can have long term effects up to and including death.  I don't know about you, but if I am injured in an accident I would really rather be treated by someone who is trained to help me than Tom Cruise.  Just saying.

In New York in 2001, during one of the worst disasters in American history, Scientology Volunteer Ministers showed up in their yellow jackets with not only Scientology stenciled on them but N.M.H.A. as well which is the initials for the National Mental Health Association.  Sleazy?  Yes, but that is not the worst thing they did during this disaster.  They actually had Fox News run (as a public service announcement) on the bottom of the screen, "National Mental Health Assistance   800-FOR-TRUTH".  That phone number is a Scientology information line.  Hubbard has said that you should never trust anything that says mental health and then they use mental health for their advertisements.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I wanted to mention one other assist.  I have been Out of Scientology for more than 17 years so I do not know if it is still in the Volunteer Ministers Handbook.  It is called the "Back to Life" assist. The "auditing command" is yelled at the corpse. It is "Get back in your body and bring it back to life!"  There is absolutely no empirical evidence that it works.

Please be aware that Scientology is only interested in your money. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers are only another recruitment mechanism.  They will stoop to these tactics and worse to get it.  Please, if you are ever in a disaster or accident (which I pray never happens) ask for someone medically trained.  It may be worth your life.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope that I have helped you, in some way, to understand more about the insidious cult that is the "church" of Scientology.  Stay tuned for more.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them.  And please, if you know anyone who needs to see this, pass it on.  Again thank you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Aberrated Hubbard - The Admissions

Aberrated - Characterized by defects, abnormality, or deviation from the usual, typical, or expected course.

The references in this post are taken from what Hubbard called The Affirmations written in 1947.  He wrote and recorded them to be played back while he was in a (in his own words) self-hypnotic trance.  You can read the complete work by clicking here.  Before the naysayers start yelling fraud, the "church" of Scientology was compelled to admit the veracity of this document in Scientology v. Armstrong.  Gerry Armstrong was Hubbard's personal archivist who publicly broke this document as well as others in order to show proof that the "church" was a fraud from the start.  In Armstrong's own words:

"$cientology has set no prerequisites or punishments that I'm aware of for $cientologists reading Hubbard's Admissions, and for that at least I'm grateful. I believe that the Admissions should be read by every $cientologist at whatever point they find themselves on the bridge. $cientologists won't get pneumonia. They might have some good cognitions.(A sudden realization about oneself having to do with Scientology) ® They might become free."

If you were ever in Scientology, you will remember that if anything bad ever happened to you, it was somehow your responsibility.  You had pulled it in somehow, on yourself.  Hubbard, on the other hand, didn't take any responsibility for things that happened, even when it was his fault:

"While taking these drugs I fell in love with Sara. She can be most exciting sexually to me. Because of drugs as above and a hangover from my ex-wife Polly, I sometimes am unexcited by anything sexual. This depresses me."

"Polly was very bad for me sexually. Because of her coldness physically, the falsity of her pretensions, I believed myself a near eunuch between 1933 and 1936 or ? when I found I was attractive to other women. I  had many affairs. But my failure to please Polly made me always pay so much attention to my momentary mate that I derived small pleasure myself. This was an anxiety neurosis which cut down my natural powers."

"In 1938-39 I met a girl in New York, Helen, who pleased me very much physically. I loved her and she me. The affair would have lasted had not Polly found out. Polly made things so miser-able that I finally detested her and became detested by Helen, who two-timed me on my return to New York in 1941. This also reduced my libido. I have had Helen since but no longer want her. She does not excite me and I do not love her."

"In 1942 - December 17th or thereabouts - while training in Miami, Florida, I met a girl named Ginger who excited me. She was a very loose person but pretended a great love for me. From her I received an infection of gonorrhea. I was terrified by it, the consequences of being discovered by my wife, the navy, my friends. I went to a private doctor who treated me with sulfa-thiazole and so forth. I thought I was cured but on a plane headed to Portland, Ore. I found I was not. I took to dosing myself with sulfa in such quantities that I was afraid I had affected my brain. My wife came to Portland. I took what precautions I could. I think actually that the disease was utterly cured very early. This fear further depressed my libido. My wife disliked the act any-way, I believe, even after she had a hysterectomy in 1938. (She was always terrified of childbirth but conceived despite all precautions seven times in five years resulting in five abortions and two children. I am quite fond of my children but my wife always tried to convince me that I hated them.)"

"I carried this fear of the disease to sea with me. I was reprimanded in San Diego in mid-43 for firing on the Mexican coast and was removed from command of my ship. This on top of having sunk two Jap subs without credit, the way my crew lied for me at the Court of Inquiry, the insults of the High Command, all combined to put me in the hospital with ulcers."

And finally (with a shudder):

"You have no fear of what any woman may think of your bed conduct. You know you are a master. You know they will be thrilled. You can come many times without weariness. The act does not reduce your  vitality or brain power at all. You can come several times and still write. Intercourse does not hurt your chest or make you sore. Your arms are strong and do not ache in the act. Your own pleasure is not dependent on the woman's. You are interested only in your own sexual pleasure. If she gets any that is all right but not vital. Many women are not capable of pleasure in sex and anything adverse they say or do has no effect whatever upon your pleasure. Their bodies thrill you. If they repel you, it merely means they themselves are too frigid or prudish to be bothered with. They are unimportant in bed except as they thrill you. Your sexual power is magnificent and they know it. If they are afraid of it, that is their loss. You are not affected by it. You have no fear if they conceive. What if they do? You do not care. Pour it into them and let fate decide. The slipperier they are the more you enjoy it because it means their mucous is running madly with pleasure. There is nothing wrong in the sex act. Nothing any woman may say can change your opinion. You are a master. You are as sensitive and sexy as Pan. Lord help women when you begin to fondle them. You are master of their bodies, master of their souls as you may consciously wish. You have no karma to pay for these acts."

So you see, many of his psycho-sexual problems were caused not by others, but his own inability to keep it in his pants.  Years later, in Scientology he made all sorts of demands on his parishioners, especially Sea Org members, making it an offense to have sexual relations outside the marriage bed.  Masturbation is frowned on for all members of the "church", and is even on the sec checks but for Hubbard? Have a look:

"(c) That masturbation was no sin or crime and did not injure me. That no sexual practice has ever dulled me.
(d) That things sexual thrill me. That I am now returned to the same feelings I had at 16 about sex where excitement is concerned. That naked women and pornography excite me greatly. That Sara excites me greatly and gives me much pleasure.
(i) That I am fortunate in losing Polly and my parents, for they never meant well by me.
(z) That I need not subscribe to any moral code of sex anywhere."

Alright, that's enough aberration on the Second Dynamic (In Scientology, the second dynamic refers to family, children, personal relationships and sex.)  Now, I want to go into his relationship to the occult briefly:

"(o) That I believe in my gods and spiritual things.

(u) That my code is to be all things a "magus" must be, that I am those things. That I burn high and bright and will last as a potent and brilliant force until well after this century has run.

(w) That this hypnosis will not fade, but will increase in power as time advances.
(x) That my magical work is powerful and effective.

(e) That anything which impedes my zest for living is small and puny and will dwindle before the power of these statements. That nothing in me which is evil can have heard these statements and commands without disappearing."

"Your psychology is good. You worked to darken your own children. This failure, with them, was only apparent. The evident lack of effectiveness was "ordered." The same psychology works perfectly on everyone else. You use it with great confidence. Nothing can intervene between you and your Guardian. She cannot be displaced because she is too powerful. She does not control you. She advises you. You may or may not take the advice. You are an adept and have a wonderful and brilliant mind of your own."

"You have magnificent power but you are humble and calm and patient in that power. For you control all forces under you as you wish. The strength of your Guardian aids you always and can never depart or be repelled. Your faith in her and in God is unswerveable, blind, powerful and you never, never doubt their good intent toward you. They work with you. You help them exert their plans. They have faith unbounded in you. You will never forget these incantations. They are holy and are now become an integral part of your nature. You enter the greatest phase yet of work and devotion and power and have perfect control without further fear."

"Men's chains fall from you. Your head is high. Your back is straight. You can experience no evil or illness. You are wholly protected. You cannot guide yourself wrong for you are guided as a crown prince. Material things are yours for the asking. Men are your slaves. Elemental spirits are your slaves.(this is dark witchcraft) You are power among powers, light in the darkness, beauty in all. You are not sleepy or tired ever. You do not sleep unless you will it consciously. Sleep to you is a deep trance. Nothing can touch you in that trance because it would not dare."

"Your psychology is advanced and true and wonderful. It hypnotizes people. It predicts their emotions, for you are their ruler." (Again, his need to control and rule over others.)

"You never speak ill of another because you are too powerful and may curse them. You love everyone. Even when you use force on people, you cannot hate them. You have no hate or jealousy in you. You are not in contest with anyone. God and your Guardian and your own power bring destruction on those who would injure you. But you never speak of this for you are kind. A sphere of light, invisible to others, surrounds you as a protecting globe. All forces bounce away from you off this."

"The most thrilling thing in your life is your love and consciousness of your Guardian. She materializes for you. You have no doubts of her. She is real. She is always with you. You love her very much. You trust her. You see and hear her. She is not your master. You have a mighty spiritual will of your own. She is an adviser and as such is respected by you. She is wise and worthy and never changes shape. Your faith in her as in God is blind and unshaken ever. She is interested in you and amused by you. She does not criticize you. She does not frown on your sexual acts but advises you on better game. That she is with you always does not mean that she sees you as indecent ever. You cannot offend her. You cannot repel her. You are too good. You respect her and you love her and appreciate her advice. You are good always because you want her to feel good. This does not apply to sex. She has never and will never forbid you pleasures. She will never censure you. She is lovely and beautiful and radiant and part of your life. You can see her consciously whenever you wish. You are never startled by her because you are not afraid of her. You are partly in her
plane, she partly in yours as you wish to see her. She has copper red hair, long braids, a lovely Venusian face, a white gown belted with jade squares. She wears gold slippers. Thus you see her. (an incredible imagination he had) You can read with ease anything she cares to show you. You can talk with her and audibly hear her voice above all others. You and she are too powerful to permit any interference. You can work alone whenever you wish because she protects you. You and she are friends. You both have a higher master. She can teach you much. You love her. But she does not own your will, cannot affect your will and you are powerful enough to depend upon yourself. You do not consign will to her, ever. She advises. You do not have to take the advice. She cannot weaken your will. You have no fears of consequences  if you fail to heed her. You can also be right for you know more of time than she does. She is wise and beautiful and powerful. Others may not see her, and you need not look at her or talk to her when others are around for they might not understand. You can talk to her "in your own mind" when others are near."

This is not the L. Ron Hubbard that he, or Scientology has presented to the world.  This was a very sad, psychologically ill being with a God complex.  He sought to rule and control others, women especially, with no apparent feeling for the needs of others, only himself.  He used self-hypnosis to convince himself that these statements were true and to re-enforce these implants (post-hypnotic suggestions).

The question now is, would you really want to follow this man as your Messiah?  Even more importantly, would you want your children to follow him?

Thanks for dropping by today.  I hope you will return next time.  Once again, if you have any questions or comments, I would be glad to see them.  Also once again, my everlasting thanks to Arnie Lerma for keeping all this data safe and available for research on his web site.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Staff Contract - Scientology's Legal Out

I and many other ex staff members have been asked time and again, "well if you were abused, and weren't paid like you were supposed to be, why didn't you sue the church?".  The simple answer is that it is almost impossible to sue the church as an ex staff member and win.  In the recent case of  Marc and Claire Headley, their cases were dismissed because a judge believed Scientology and said that a ministerial exception applied. This exception also applied to all the abuse and forced abortion which was also in the labor claim lawsuit.

The reason for this is the Scientology Staff Contract.  Every staff member in Scientology is required to sign the contract.  This includes Sea Org members as their Billion Year Contract doesn't spell out any of the legalities that Scientology depends upon to control their followers.

The first question that most people ask and have a hard time with is about staff pay.  How can the "church" get away with making staff members work 60 to 80 and more hours a week and then only pay them a few to maybe 50 bucks at the end of the week?  The answer is in the contract:


In effect, when you sign the contract, you are taking a vow of poverty.  The "church" doesn't have to pay you a penny if they don't want to.  There is no guaranteed salary in Scientology.  As a matter of fact, Hubbard was firmly against paying people what they were worth but he clothes it in some sort of socialist, Utopian phraseology:

Working for a wage is one of the deadlier control mechanisms since it brings about an irresponsibility in the person for his job. Fixed wage is a means of suppressing a person into a slavery class, pegging him at no hope. This mechanism is one of the best modern society has for keeping people down. It is artificial and arbitrary and denies a person the fruits of his labor.


In this way the Board would not be worried about salary increases. And the salaries would increase to the degree that the Association earned. Further, this is not a firm or corporation run for the profit of a small group at the top. What it earns should be shared since it is the product of the effort of all of us. HCO Policy Letter dated 5 April 1957 - PROPORTIONATE PAY PLAN PROPOSAL OEC Vol. 3, 1976 edition.

What he doesn't tell you is that there is no extra pay for if you do a spectacular job.  Your pay not only depends on your good work, but by the good work of everyone else in the org, and even if you all went above and beyond, even if there were thousands of dollars in the Orgs Reserve account, if the Org didn't make money that week, you would not be paid.

Alright, so what about the abuses and inhumane punishments?  Would that not give one the right to sue the "church" if you thought they were being to rough on you?  These would include: receiving no pay, being pulled off your job to do scud work, not being able to communicate with others, wearing a dirty rag on your sleeve to denote that you are lower than anyone, being screamed at or even being punched.  Yup, the "church" has that covered:

"A. I HEREBY AGREE THAT I, MY HEIRS, DISTRIBUTEES. GUARDIANS, LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES AND ASSIGNS WILL NOT MAKE CLAIM AGAINST. SUE, ATTACH THE PROPERTY OF, OR PROSECUTE the Church. any successor of L. Ron Hubbard, Religious Technology Center and Its principals. Church of Scientology International, and/or any of Its affiliated Churches, Missions, corporations, associations, partnerships, or organizations. and/or their agents, servants, successors, heirs, executors and assigns, (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Releasees") for injury or damage resulting from the negligence or other acts. howsoever caused, by any Releasee or by any employee. agent or contractor of the Church. Its affiliates, or other Releasee. arising out of or any way connected with my membership In the Scientology Religious Order, active participation on Church staff or association with the Releasees. 
B. I HEREBY RELEASE AND DISCHARGE THE RELEASEES from all actions, claims or demands I, my heirs, dlstrubutees, guardians, legal representatives or assigns ever had, now have or may hereafter have for Injury or damage resulting from or any way connected with my membership In the Scientology Religious Order, active participation on Church staff or association with the Releasees. 
C. I FURTHER AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS THE RELEASEES and each of them from any loss, Inability damage or cost, Including but not limited to attorneys' fees they may Incur, whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise as a result of (a) my breach of any covenants contain herein: (b) my breach of the fiduciary duties owed to the Church and/or the Releasees; (c) my activity within the Church or my conduct In the community at large with regard to the Church and/or the Releasees whether or not such activity or conduct is pursuant to this Application, Declaration and general Release: (d) any statements made by me herein, which are now false or which hereafter become false; and or (e) my membership In the Scientology Religious Order, my active participation on Church staff or my association with Releasees.

In case you feel you have been abused or injured by Scientologists, you have given up the right to sue.  In case something real bad happens to you where you are incapable of making decisions or killed by the actions of management or accident, you have given up the right to suit by your heirs or family.  And it has worked for Scientology in more than one court case.

So the personnel officer, one of the Exec Secs, or even the Executive Director has told you that if you sign the contract, you will be immediately posted as such-and such.  Or you will make more money than if you had an outside job.  Or that you will receive an education that is more valuable than a doctorate.  Whatever they have promised you, forget about it.  Don't they have to keep their promises?  Nope:

"I attest that I have been given and read Scientology Policy Directive 13 March 1996, Statements by Staff Members"  In which it sates, among other things:
"A reason for this Scientology Policy Directive stems from a review of past and current litigation which indicates that many of the claims flow from alleged misrepresentations made to them concerning the values of the Scientology religion. It goes without saying, of course, that such litigants are usually professionals who hope to make money dishonestly by shaking down organizations, successful individuals or wealthy persons. Oddly, such a person could not possibly benefit from Scientology since he means it harm: thus it becomes a foregone conclusion that the person will not benefit. Their percentage is very small yet society as it is at this time seems to be slanted in the direction of favoring such peoples' claims even when they lie. Thus, care must be taken on this point."

So you get my point here?  This contract is a great deal for Scientology and a real bad deal for you.  If you want to do something meaningful for the world for no pay, you could join the Peace Corps, the Red Cross or Ameri-Corps.  At least they do something.  Just don't sign the Scientology Staff Contract!

Thanks for reading this post.  I welcome any comments or questions.  Please stay tuned for the next episode.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Susan Meister - Death and Cover-up On The High Seas

In the Fall of 1970, Susan Meister was young, full of life and had everything going for her.  She left her home town of Greeley, Colorado and headed off for new and exciting experiences in San Francisco, California. Then she met Scientology.  By November, 1970 she had fallen in love with the Church of Science Fiction and had joined staff at the San Francisco Org.  In February, 1971 she felt a need to be closer to L. Ron Hubbard and his goal of "clearing the planet", so she joined the Sea Org and joined him on the Scientology Flagship Apollo.  She tried several times to get her parents interested in Scientology, to no avail.  In her letters home, you can see her indoctrination was taking effect, controlling her life and thoughts more and more:

May 8, 1971


Do you recall talking to me about WW III - and where it would start if it were to start - father and most everyone else maintained that it would start in either China or Russia vs. U.S. and you said - oh no- it would originate in Germany - that the Nazis hadn't given up yet - ? Well babe, you were right - there is a new Nazi resurgence taking place in Germany - so now it's a race between the good guys in the white hats (Scientologists) and the Leipzig death camp (Nazis) the bad guys in the black hats - we'll win of course - but the game is exciting. Truth is stranger than fiction. As Alice [in Wonderland] says "Things get curiouser and curiouser!" Get into Scientology now. It's fantastic.     - Love, Susan

And deeper down the rabbit hole:

May 12, 1971

Dear Family,
I just had a session, an auditing session (Scientology's hypnotic brain washing) I feel great!  Great GREAT! and my life is EXPANDING EXPANDING - and it's all SCIENTOLOGY Hurry up! Hurry, Hurry Be a friend to yourselves - Get into this stuff NOW - It's more precious than gold it's the best thing that's ever ever ever ever come along.  Love, Susan.

In June of 1971, Susan sent her family a letter expressing thanks for her birthday card and some gifts including a new dress her mother had made for her.  She once again expressed her desire for her mother to read Hubbard's books and to try some Scientology courses.  In this letter, she also shows how far down the rabbit hole she had fallen, to the point of having been infected by Hubbard's paranoia:

I can't tell you exactly where we are. We have enemies who are profiting from peoples' ignorance and lack of self-determinism and do not wish to see us succeed in restoring freedom and self-determinism to this planet's people. If these people were to find out where we are located - they would attempt to destroy us. Therefore, we are not allowed to say where this ship is located.

Ten days later, Susan was dead and that is where things get very strange.  Her father, George, was out of town when he received a phone call from his younger daughter telling him that there was a minister from the Church of Scientology at the home to inform them that Susan had died.  The minister's name was Artie Maren who was actually a public relations person from Scientology's Guardians Office (legal and strong arm division now known as the Office of Special Affairs).  George called a cousin who was an attorney and asked him to meet him in Greeley so they could find out what had happened.

They arrived and spoke to Rev Maren at length.  Basically, all the Maren could tell them was that Susan had been found dead in her berth aboard the Apollo of an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound to the forehead. Near the end of the conversation, George asked that his daughter's body be shipped back home for burial.  A few days later, he received a letter from Bob Thomas at the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles explaining that the "Panamanian" owners of the Apollo were not obliged to give information to the Church of Scientology. However, the Apollo's captain, Norman Starkey, had offered to pay for a Christian burial in Morocco, but regretted that they would not pay for the body to be returned to the United States.  This, of course, set George off, and he decided to go to Morocco, to see if he could find out exactly what had happened.

Mr. Meister was met at Casablanca by Sea Org member Peter Warren.  When he arrived at his hotel he met with American Vice-Consul Jack Galbraith.  As he had been promised that he could see his daughter's body, they left the next morning for Safi, Morocco.  When he had spoken to police officials earlier, they showed him a picture of Susan that had been taken how she had been found.  In her dress that her mother had made for her.  Hands crossed over her chest with the Colt .22 caliber long barreled revolver lying on her chest  underneath her hands.  The police refused to give him copied of the reports, or even the picture.  When they arrived at Safi, they went to the morgue.  The attendant could not find the body.  From the reports, there was no trace of gunpowder residue on her forehead and no stippling around the wound. (Later forensic analysis would show that from the size and shape of the wound, the shot would have had to come from at least 16 feet away.) Peter Warren had to admit to George that he had requested and been granted Susan's brains and intestines (because the paperwork said he had).  When asked why, he said they wanted them for testing because the suspected she had been on drugs.

George arranged to have his daughter's body shipped back home.  As he was in the same port as Apollo, he asked to see the ship.  He was allowed on board.  He asked Warren if he could see Hubbard, on a father to father basis.  Hubbard, the humanitarian, declined the meeting.  By this time, George was feeling a bit threatened and decided to arrange an earlier flight home.  As he was preparing to leave his hotel, he discovered that all 32 rolls of film that he had shot were missing, including the two rolls he had shot aboard Apollo.  When he arrived at the airport, he was confronted by a very large man who told him that "they" were watching him and so were the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. (a typical Scientology caper).  The Scientologists even went as far as blackmail"

"the Apollo's port captain threatened in the presence of the American Vice Counsel from Casablanca, William Galbraith, that he had enough material, including illicit photographs of Miss Meister, to smear Miss Meister." 

After George had arrived home, he was contacted by a woman who worked for the Well County Health department.  They had received a letter from a "concerned citizen".  The letter is as follows:

"Sirs, Recently this reporter had disclosed to him some rather alarming news. I once had to cover a story in a small town such as Greeley, which had a rather primitive but nevertheless adequate health facilities. They chose to ignore a cholera warning from the World Health organization and, believe me, the results are not pleasant. "There has been a cholera epidemic in Morocco, and everyone leaving the country is required to have a cholera shot before leaving, and there is a public health campaign to get all citizens vaccinated. However, there is a shortage of vaccine. There have been a recorded two to three hundred deaths. And it's been brought to my attention that the daughter of one, George Meister, died in Morocco, either by accident or from cholera, probably the latter. Meister either already has or is in the process of bringing back the body to Greeley, and an epidemiologist that I have talked to concerning this said that this was pure insanity and that he knew of one exact such case that caused an outbreak of cholera. And I urge you to handle this health threat to all Greeley citizens. Everybody can be affected by this, and we cannot be.complacent with such a danger. "My informant believes the funeral home where the body is shipped is The Masons in Greeley. Please act quickly as lives could very well hang in the balance. I'm sending copies of this letter to most health official in the entire State of Colorado. My attorney has advise me not to reveal my name due to possible legal hazards, but if necessary I will do so to the press for my children live here and I have seen a cholera epidemic. Very sincerely, a citizen."

Fortunately, the lady knew George and was already aware that the actual cause of Susan's death was by gunshot.  This was just another example of the intimidation tactics that the "church" of Scientology uses to harass people, who they perceive are against them.  George and his family had been threatened and harassed  long before he ever testified to this, even to the point of tapping his telephones, and death threats.  All he ever wanted was to facts concerning his daughter's death.  Why did Scientology consider this a threat?

If you have time, please listen to George's testimony before the Clearwater, Florida Commission, for his full story.  I am sorry, it is a heart breaker.  It is below.

Thank you for being here and reading my posts.  I know that is is a sad one, but the data must get out to the broad public if we are ever to stop the insanity of the "church" of Scientology.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Most people, when they walk into a "church" of Scientology, are trying to handle a specific problem in their life, whether the know it or not.  Scientology's registrars (salespeople) are very good at finding you ruin (problem), and convincing you that your problem can be handled with the application of Scientology "technology".  There are many people, who, having been in Scientology for quite some time, will sit down in front of the registrar and say something like, "we you know I have gone up to level so-and-so and I haven't handles such-and such yet.  What gives?"  And invariably the registrar or sometimes the registrar and the case supervisor together will assure you that this is something that will be handles on the next level.  If fact, this is part of the scam.

When a person signs up to do services (courses or a series of auditing) at the church of Scientology, they have to sign a contract called "RELIGIOUS SERVICES ENROLLMENT APPLICATION, AGREEMENT AND GENERAL RELEASE".  In it, you sign that you understand that:

"Neither the Church nor any other Scientology church or organization which espouses. presents. propagates or practices the Scientology religion makes any claim:
I. that the nature or purpose of Scientology. or of Dianetics. or of the writings and recorded spoken words of L.R.H. is contrary to what is stated in this Contract:
II. that the application of any Scientology or Dianetics technology or practice will have any particular effect on me or any other person; or
III. that any particular result may be forthcoming from my participation in any Scientology Religious Service. I specifically acknowledge that I have read and that I understand Scientology Policy Directive 13 March 1996. Statements by Staff Members. which states clearly that if any individual staff member of any  Scientology church or organization makes any claims about the results which may be forthcoming from my participation in any Scientology Religious Service. any such claims are the personal opinions and beliefs of that staff member only. and are not claims made by the Church or any other Scientology church or organization."

No matter what anyone told you, Scientology makes no promise that what you have gone there to handle will be handled.  I have known several people who had gone in to specifically handle some kind of physical ailment and were told that it would definitely be handled at some point on the "Bridge".  By the contract, this is also false:

"Scientology Religious Services are designed to give spiritual aid. not medical treatment. However. the Scientology religion teaches that the spirit can be saved and that the spirit alone may save or heal the body. and Scientology Religious Services are intended to save the spirit. By signing this Contract. I recognize. acknowledge and agree that:
a. Scientology Religious Services are not intended and are not used for diagnosing ailments of the body or for engaging in the teaching or practice of any medical arts or sciences.
b. It is exclusively my responsibility to see to my physical and medical well-being, and under no circumstance does the Church or any other Scientology church or organization which espouses. presents, propagates or practices the Scientology religion have any responsibility whatsoever in that regard.
c. I have not come to the Church. nor do I seek to participate in Scientology Religious Services. solely to be cured of any physical illness, ailment or condition.
d. While the registrar can assist me in arranging for a competent medical examination and appropriate
treatment by a qualified medical practitioner before I participate in any Scientology Religious Services. it is solely my responsibility to take whatever steps are necessary to demonstrate that I have no diagnosable or medically treatable illnesses. ailments. or conditions that are not under competent medical care before I begin participating in any Scientology Religious Service. Thereafter, any physical illness. ailment or condition I may have that has been treated medically may then be addressed spiritually by the application of the tenets of the Scientology religion. subject to the terms of this Contract.
e. I know that I should not participate in any Scientology Religious Service if I have a physical or mental condition which might be aggravated or which might make my participation in the service uncomfortable or distressful to me, and I agree to accept and assume any and all known or unknown risks of injury. loss, or damage resulting from my choices and decisions in that regard."

The other day, a member of O.C.M.B. had expressed concerns that another incident like the Lisa McPherson incident could possibly happen.  As long as the following clause is in the contract, I regret to say that in my opinion, it is very likely:

"Scientology is unalterably opposed. as a matter of religious belief, to the practice of psychiatry. and espouses as a religious belief that the study of the mind and the healing of mentally caused ills should not be alienated from religion or condoned in nonreligious fields. I am in full agreement with this religious belief. I do not believe in or subscribe to psychiatric labels for individuals. It is my strongly held religious belief that all mental problems are spiritual in nature and that there is no such thing as a mentally incompetent person .. only those suffering  from spiritual upset of one kind or another dramatized by an individual. I reject all psychiatric labels and intend for this Contract to clearly memorialize my desire to be helped exclusively through religious, spiritual means and not through any form of psychiatric treatment. specifically including involuntary commitment based on so called lack of competence. Under no circumstances, at any time, do I wish to be denied my right to care from members of my religion to the exclusion of psychiatric care or psychiatric directed care, regardless of what any psychiatrist, medical person. designated member of the state or family member may assert supposedly on my behalf. If circumstances should ever arise in which government, medical, or psychiatric officials or personnel or family members or friends attempt to compel or coerce or commit me for psychiatric evaluation. treatment or hospitalization. I fully desire and fully expect that the Church or Scientologists will intercede on my behalf to oppose such efforts and/or extricate me from that predicament so my spiritual needs may be addressed in accordance with the tenets of the Scientology religion free from psychiatric intervention."

One shudders at the implications.  This means that even if you did come down with a "mental illness" and you family interceded to have you committed, Scientologists could come in and countermand that commitment and take you out of the hospital.

Scientology wants to make sure that you know that Scientology is in no way responsible for your spiritual progress.  It is all on you:

"This Contract memorializes my intention to participate in Scientology Religious Services only for purposes of self improvement and spiritual advancement. By signing this Contract, I recognize. acknowledge and agree that:
a. Achieving the benefits and goals of the Scientology religion requires my dedicated participation. because only through my own efforts can I achieve those benefits and goals."

So what if you have done services and paid for more and have decided that it hasn't worked for you and you want your money back?  They tell you that you can get a refund any time you want.  What they don't tell you is that they will make you jump through some improbable hoops to get your refund.  The contract says that they don't owe you anything:

"No Scientology church is under any duty or obligation whatsoever to return any portion of any religious donation I make."

Make sure that when you sign a contract with the Devil, you don't burn your fingers.  Know in advance what you are signing and don't let anyone pressure you into signing anything you don't fully understand.

Thank you so much for being here today.  Please come back next time for another episode.  As always your questions and comments are most welcomed.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Scientology 101 - Suppressive Persons

Suppressive Person, often abbreviated SP, is a term used in Scientology to describe the "antisocial personalities" who, according to Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard, make up about 2.5% of the population. Another 18% are PTS (Potential Trouble Source), as a result of the SPs. A statement on a Church of Scientology website describes this group as including notorious historic figures such as Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan as well as others who "are less obviously seen." The term is often applied to those whom the Church of Scientology perceives as its enemies, i.e. those whose "disastrous" and "suppressive" acts are said to impede the progress of individual Scientologists or the Scientology movement.

So what is a Suppressive Person and how do you get to be one?  It is really easy to be Declared.  Especially these days.  It seems that all you have to do is get on David Miscavige's bad side, or rally on the bad side of any exec.  But what were the qualifications according to Hubbard?  Here are a few of them.  According to policy, HCOPL 23 December 1965 Suppressive Acts Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists The Fair Game Law:

Such Suppressive Acts include public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing with Scientology Organizations; public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened; proposing, advising or voting for legislation or ordinances, rules or laws directed toward the Suppression of Scientology; pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology; testifying hostilely before state or public inquiries into Scientology to suppress it; reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard Scientology; bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist including the non-payment of bills or failure to refund without first calling the matter to the attention of the Chairman at Saint Hill and receiving a reply; demanding the return of any or all fees paid for standard training or processing actually received or received in part and still available but undelivered only because of departure of the person demanding (the fees must be refunded but this Policy Letter applies); writing anti-Scientology letters to the press or giving anti-Scientology or anti-Scientologist evidence to the press; testifying as a hostile witness against Scientology in public; continued membership in a divergent group; continued adherence to a person or group pronounced a Suppressive Person or Group by HCO; failure to handle or disavow and disconnect from a person demonstrably guilty of Suppressive Acts; being at the hire of anti-Scientology groups or persons; organizing a splinter group to use Scientology data or any part of it to distract people from standard Scientology; organizing splinter groups to diverge from Scientology practices, still calling it Scientology or calling it something else; calling meetings of staffs or field auditors or the public to deliver Scientology into the hands of unauthorized persons or who will suppress it or alter it or who have no reputation for following standard lines and procedures; infiltrating a Scientology group or organization or staff to stir up discontent or protest at the instigation of hostile forces; 1st degree murder, arson, disintegration of persons or belongings; mutiny; seeking to splinter off an area of  Scientology and deny it properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power or “to save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology”; engaging in malicious ‘rumor-mongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology or to “safeguard” a position; delivering up the person of a Scientologist without defense or protest to the demands of civil or criminal law; falsifying records that then imperil the liberty or safety of a Scientologist; knowingly giving false testimony to imperil a Scientologist; receiving money, favors or encouragement to suppress Scientology or Scientologists; sexual or sexually perverted conduct contrary to the well being or good state of mind of a Scientologist in good standing or under the charge of Scientology such as a student, a preclear, a ward or a patient; blackmail on Scientologists or Scientology organizations threatened or accomplished—in which case the crime being used for blackmail purposes becomes fully outside the reach of Ethics and is absolved the fact of blackmail unless repeated.

I want you to look at the first red line very carefully.  This means that if you have a friend, lover, husband wife, father mother, son or daughter that has been declared a Suppressive Person and you want to stay in the good graces of the ''church", you must disconnect from that person, or risk being declared yourself.  I know several people who have had their families ripped apart because of this.

Now look at the second red highlighted area.  It is a high crime to splinter off an area of Scientology, even if it is to save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology.  What does this mean?  Even if you had evidence that the very top person in the church of Scientology was guilt of crimes and all you wanted to do was to protect your church by either removing the officer, or removing the church from that officer, you would be declared a Suppressive Person and removed from the church.  And so would anyone who openly agreed with you.

Hubbard goes on to say:

Suppressive Acts are clearly those covert or overt acts knowingly calculated to reduce or destroy the influence or activities of Scientology or prevent case gains or continued Scientology success and activity on the part of a Scientologist. As persons or groups that would do such a thing act out of self interest only to the detriment of all others, they cannot be granted the rights and beingness ordinarily accorded rational  beings and so place themselves beyond any consideration for their feelings or well being.

What did he say?  He said, and meant, that if you have been declared, no Scientologist should ever consider your well being or feelings.  He said, and meant that as far as Scientology is concerned, you have no rights.  This includes people who have never been in the church who just see the wrongness of what is happening in the church and dare to speak out about it publicly.  It also includes writers, newspapers, and attorneys   who fall into the bad graces of the "church".

And lastly, Hubbard says it again in stronger terms:

A truly Suppressive Person or Group has no rights of any kind as Scientologists and actions taken against them are not punishable under Scientology Ethics Codes.

Any Scientologist in good standing has the right to do anything to you, the suppressive, without any fear of repercussion from Scientology management.

I hope this has cleared things up for you.  Thank you so much for being here with me today.  Come back soon for another episode.  As always your questions and comments are most welcome.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lisa McPherson - Death By Scientology

On December 5th 1995 Lisa McPherson, a long time parishioner of the "church" of Scientology died after having been held against her will for 17 days on Scientology's Introspection Rundown, having been "diagnosed" by Scientologists as psychotic.   Scientologists believe that the only cure for psychosis is the I/R because that is what Hubbard said:

"The psychotic break,the last of the "unsolvable"conditions that can trap a person,has been solved." - L.Ron Hubbard - HCO BULLETIN OF 23 JANUARY 1974RB REVISED 25 APRIL 1991 - THE TECHNICAL BREAKTHROUGH OF 1973! THE INTROSPECTION RD

For 17 days, she had very little to eat or drink.  She threw up most of the food she managed to choke down, begged to be set free, beat on the walls, cried and screamed to no avail.  Her caretakers were not allowed to speak to her.  Finally, on day 17 someone figured out that she was dying and they had to do something about it.  So did they call the paramedics and an ambulance (like any sane person would do)?  No.  You see that would cause too many questions to have paramedics arrive at the Fort Harrison Hotel.  You see, in Scientology, it is practically illegal to be ill.  It is bad public relations.  So did they take her to the nearest emergency room?  No.  They put her in one of their vans, and transported her past the first 4 hospitals instead opting for a hospital 45 minutes away.  When time was of the essence!  And somewhere in between, when she still could have been saved, she died.  Some conjecture that this was done on purpose to avoid a potential flap (Scientology speak for bad P/R).  Of course, like many of their efforts, it created an even bigger flap. I think it is murder:

Depraved-heart murder, also known as depraved-indifference murder, is an American legal term for an action that demonstrates a "callous disregard for human life" and results in death. In most states, depraved heart killings constitute second-degree murder.

Marty Rathbun, who was second in command of the "church" at the time has said that her case was personally C/S'ed (Case Supervisor)by David Miscavige.  Although Miscavige had no training as a C/S at that level, or any other C/S training at that time.  Mr Rathbun has also admitted some culpability in the tampering of evidence and other dirty tricks on the coroner and officials in the following criminal case against Scientology at Mr Miscavige's behest.  Eventually, due to lack of evidence and the reversal of cause of death by the coroner, the case was dismissed.  This does NOT mean that Scientology was found guilty.  Scientology settled with Lisa's family in the civil case.  To this day, Scientology takes no responsibility in the death of Lisa McPherson.

Two years after hear death, Mike Rinder  (who was, at that time, the head of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs, their not-so secret police), was interviewed.  You can tell that the (church's) view is that it is just standard policy.

Presenter: Rest and relaxation sounds like a wonderful idea. But the records say that two days into her stay she was spitting out food and vomiting, four days into her stay she was ashen faced and feverish, and  then she became violent, striking the attendants, hallucinating, thinking that she's L. Ron Hubbard, being too weak to stand, soiling herself, crying, babbling, breaking things. At that point, isn't it clear that  it's not working?
Rinder: What’s not working?

Presenter: Resting, taking her away?

Rinder:  I don't think that that's clear at all. I don't think that you can draw inferences or conclusions from what is said. You can read other reports and later on there is a different perspective.

Presenter:  But these are the church records.

Rinder: Of course they are.

Well, Mr Rinder, what do you think now?  You can even comment here.

And later in the same television show:

KEN DANDAR: (The attorney representing McPherson's family) So could you imagine Lisa McPherson, who is mentally unstable according to Scientology, is having these people come in and try to force feed her, and she's yelling and screaming at them. She's banging on the wall. She's fighting with them. She's asking them questions. But they are not allowed to respond to her. All they can do is turn around and walk out the room, and then write a report to the case supervisor and close the door behind them. And she's not allowed to leave.

RINDER: Dandar is an idiot. That's my response to that. He hasn't got a clue. He is the worst of the worst of what makes the American legal system so out of control. He is an ambulance chasing gold digger.

DANDAR: My reply to that is simple: If they had called an ambulance for Lisa McPherson, I wouldn't be here today.

I think we will leave it at that.  I think Mr Dandar said it all. Except that it is my hope that the case may someday be re-opened by some Attorney General who actually cares about justice, and maybe prosecutes from the top down.

You can watch the above show here:

My undying thanks to Arnie Lerma for his courage and dedication for keeping the above data safe and available.  CLICK HERE to go to his site.  There are G/B's of great truth about Scientology there.  Thank you for being here today.  Please comment and share this post.