Friday, March 16, 2012


Yolanda Howell about living in the
Sea Organization

The ill-effects of scientology on my family were devastating
and permanent. When we joined scientology we were generally a
loving and happy family. We had just built an upscale house
in the suburbs with all the amenities. My husband and I sought
to provide our family with the stability and caring that they
required. I was only 21, and had three children, ages four
months, one year and three years.

Within one year after joining scientology we were divorced and
had moved the children four times. My children and I were
living in squalor in the Sea Org.

I joined scientology staff at the local mission. This quickly
drove my husband crazy. He came to the mission to kill everyone
and threatened to blow his head off with a shotgun. I acquired
sole legal custody after the incident. Someone at the mission
"handled" him and he went on staff, too. He could not pay child

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