Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Ideal Steal

I am writing this for people who have never been in Scientology for their education and for the people who are still in the Gulag of Corporate Scientology that they may finally see the truth and remove themselves.  Those of us who have, thank God, gotten out, already know this.  If you communicate with anyone still in, send this to them, if possible, so that they might see the light.

Why the U.S. Government hasn't done anything about the following is totally beyond me.  

Several years ago, all existing Scientology Orgs were ordered to buy new buildings.  These were to be called Ideal Orgs and were to be of a certain size that they could hold a certain amount of parishioners and staff.  They were also to renovated to look as upscale as a multi-million dollar corporation.  When a local Church of Scientology Organization needs to buy a new building and renovate it, the funds to accomplish this  are donated by local parishioners to the local Org.  When the Church has received enough in donations to purchase the building, the local Org buys the building and renovates it in preparation to move in.  After the building is bought and paid for, and the renovations done, ownership is then turned over to the Religious Technology Center (which holds all Scientology properties and patents).  The local Org then pays rent to R.T.C. out of a percentage of their weekly Gross Income.  

What happens to the old buildings?  R.T.C. sells those buildings and it goes into the coffers of (can you guess?), R.T.C.

Now, if this makes sense to you, I have a great idea.  I want you to go down the street here, and buy a certain house.  Then, when you have done all the work on getting the house and getting it ready to move in, I want you to turn the title over to me.  Oh, don't worry.  I will let you live there.  You just have to pay me a thousand dollars a month rent.  Sounds like a good deal to me.

These rent monies come off the top of the Gross Income before anything else is paid including staff pay, maintenance, power, phone and even toilet paper. Book sales are not considered Gross Income and go into a separate account.  After rent is paid, all monies are then divided up to pay bills, material and staff pay.  Also a percentage of the money goes into a reserve account for weeks that the Org doesn't make enough to pay bills.  No, staff pay does not come out of this account.  Ever.  If the Org needs to tap the reserve account, staff does not get paid that week.

If you happen to have enough nerve to ask your senior how you are supposed to pay your own rent and eat and pay for gas to get to work, you will get the Scientology stare and these words:  "Make it go right"  Meaning if you cannot afford to live, it is your fault.  Of course, it is also frowned upon if you go out and get a part time job to make ends meet.  Health insurance?  Forget about it.

Thanks for coming by today.  Please share this post.  It is important that as many people as possible read these and are aware of what happens in the Church of Scientology.

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