Saturday, November 3, 2012

No Parent Should Ever Have To Go Through This

A Mother’s Open Letter to Her Children

Please Forward this to as many people as possible.  We are hoping this letter gets through.

Our very good friend has been going through hell this past two years.  Why?  Because she walked away from her church after she found out that is had changed after the founder had died. To her, like so many others, it just wasn't the same church any more.  Now, her children, who are still members of the church have been ordered to not speak to her.  Is this right?  We don;t believe so.  Please read he open letter to her kids below the Picture of her and her kids taken when they were a family together in much happier times.  Thank you for reading this and please re-post as as far and wide as possible.

Dear Jessica and Jeremy,
I have no way of reaching you directly, so I’m giving this a try. I’m asking all of my friends, family, and anyone else that gets this letter to please pass it on to each of you.
Despite what you might have been told, I am doing well in all areas of my life. The only thing missing is the two of you. I am still the same mom who loves you both very much.
But I want you to understand that I will never go back into the Church of Scientology. You have both asked me to talk to the International Justice Chief and get back in good standing with the church. I cannot agree to this. I am not a part of the church anymore and do not have to go by their rules. I am free now to think for myself and do what I think is best.
I don’t agree with the church’s Disconnection Policy that you both are following, forcing you to stay away from me. Your grandmother and I will not disconnect from you, and we will continue to love you.
I really want you both to think long and hard about this disconnection that is keeping you away from us. Do you both really never want to see me and your grandmother again? Do you never want to see the rest of the family because your grandmother and I won’t go back into the church?
If you both want to stay in Scientology we respect that, but at the same time you need to respect that we don’t want to be a part of it anymore. If I were in your shoes I would never agree to this disconnection. I would tell the church that I would remain a part of my family’s life. I would never allow the church to force me to disconnect from the people I love.
Your grandfather is 75, your grandmother is turning 75, and I am turning 50. Time is going by fast and we should all enjoy many more good times together.
You both know the reasons why I resigned from the church. It was mainly because of the way you were heavily recruited to be on staff or in the Sea Org at only 15 years old. I wanted you both to stay in school and get a full education. I fought with the church because my parental rights were being violated. I also saw what you both went through while being recruited and what you both went through while being in the Sea Org. I wrote everything that happened in “A Mother’s Heartbreak” which it would be good if you both read so you can really see what happened.
Forever loving you both,
Your Mom

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