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The Scientology Disconnection Policy

Hi again my friends.  I will try to make this post a little shorter, but sometimes when my fingers start talking, it is hard to shut them up. 

What with all the news lately about Scientology, the subject of disconnection has been coming up a lot.  I found that there were a few things that I wanted to say about it in my own way.

If you listen to the spokespersons of the church, they will tell you flat out that there is no such policy as disconnection.  They will tell you that when disconnection does occur, it is a personal choice and no one is forced, ever to disconnect.  All of Scientology's public spokespersons are trained and drilled to be able to look you, or the camera, right in the eye and lie with the look of an angel.  Actually, just about any staff member can do the same thing.  One of the things you learn to do in the Scientology Training Routines.

Probably any member of the church would give you the same spiel.  They don't know any better.  This is what they have been told.  They also don't have any idea, for the most part, what is going on out in the real world.  They are not encouraged to watch television or read the news papers. 

Most of them, at least to their knowledge, are not lying.  They get their data from a course that most Scientologists end up taking.  It is called the PTS/SP Course. (This means Potential Trouble Source/Suppressive Person). I will explain as we go on.  The pertinent excerpt is this.

HCOB 10 August 1973
HCOB means Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin.  They are always in red on white and they deal with the technical side of Scientology
PTS=Potential Trouble Source
Hubbard wrote and Scientologists believe that If you are ill, injured or in an accident you are either connected to someone or something that is antagonistic to Scientology, or, you have done something to Scientology.  Either way, you are PTS and need to be fixed.
There are two stable data which anyone has to have, understand and KNOW ARE TRUE
in order to obtain results in handling the person connected to suppressives.

These data are:

1,  That all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly
    and only from a PTS condition.

2.  That getting rid of the condition requires three basic actions: A. Discover
    B.  Handle or disconnect.

A. Discover who or what you are PTS to. Then B.  Handle or disconnect.  Handle means, make the person see that Scientology isn't bad, or at least get them to lay off, or, you need to disconnect from that person, of your own volition, for your own good.

So they don't see it as lying when they tell you it is a personal choice.  But what they don't tell you is that if a person publicly leaves Scientology, publicly tells Scientology's secrets, publicly disagree with Scientology policy or say something bad about Hubbard or David Miscavige in person, the church is probably going to declare you a Suppressive Person.  (This means that you have been excommunicated from the church).  These days, Most active members of Scientology don't know who is declared or who has left, and if they are told anything, it is something like this person was kicked out for practicing Scientology in a non-standard way (what they call a squirrel).  Or that you have committed some other kind of high crime against Scientology.

A lot of people have been coming forward recently with horror stories about not being able to see or even speak to their friends and loved one's.  The church, through it's spokespersons tell you it is all lies.  Fine.  I will show you something and let you make up your own mind about that.

Each person who is declared a  a suppressive person is supposed to receive a declare order.  On the back of this order, it shows:

I have redacted the persons name for their privacy.  You see where it says this person's "only Scientology terminal is the International Justice Chief via the Continental Justice Chief"?  In Scientology, a terminal is someone that you may communicate with.  This makes it clear that if you have family or friends that are members in good standing of the Church of Scientology and you have been declared, that you are NOT permitted any contact with them.

And if you wish to have relations with your friends and family, your only choice is to tuck your tail between your legs, go back and say you are sorry.  That you are a horrible person and beg them to take you back.  Of course then you will have to jump through several hoops called steps A-E.  I will explain.


 HCO PL is Hubbard Communications Office Policy letter.  They are in green on white and they have to do with Administration policies. Here’s what L. Ron Hubbard said  the HCO Secretary must do with
the repentant:

A. Tells the person or group to stop committing present time overts (crimes) and to cease all attacks and  suppressions so he, she or they can get a case gain; (wins in Scientology counseling)

B. Requires a public announcement to the effect that they realize their actions were ignorant and
unfounded and stating where possible the influences or motivations which caused them to attempt to
suppress or attack Scientology; gets it signed before witnesses and published broadly, particularly to
persons directly influenced or formerly associated with the former offender or offenders. The letter
should be calculated to expose any conspiracy to suppress Scientology or the preclear or Scientologist if
such existed;

B(1). Requires that all debts owed to Scientology organizations are paid off;

If you have been on Staff or in the Sea Org and have left without permission, or publicly left, you are not only declared, but you owe them for any training and auditing you have ever had.  This alone could amount to multiple thousands of dollars.

B2. May require that, subject to the approval of the International Justice Chief, an amends project
suitable and commensurate with the severity and extent of the suppressive acts committed be completed
before further A to E steps are undertaken;

This could be anything from taking out full page ads for Scientology (at your own expense of course), or anything that would result in some big statistic for Scientology as a whole

C. Requires training beginning at the lowest level of the Bridge at their expense if executives in charge
of training will have the person or the group members;

Depending on you training and counseling level at the time you were declared, this could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  You will probably be expected to make another very large donation to the International Association of Scientologists too.

D. Makes a note of the matter with copies of the statement and files in the Ethics files;

Statistics.  Scientology runs on statistics

E. Informs the Chairman at Saint Hill and forwards a duplicate of the original copy which shows

You get the idea.  They are going to make it damn difficult for you to get back in.  You will have to prove that you are worthy.

So if you ever meet someone who says that they have been declared by the Church of Scientology, give them a big hug and tell them that you will be their family until they can be with their own.

Thank you my friends for sticking with me.  Please pass this along to anyone you think needs to see it.  And as always, I welcome your comments.

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