Friday, October 26, 2012

The Children of Scientology

This is from my own personal observations from the Organizations I worked at.  I was never in the Sea Org so I do not know about those, but I hear from others that it is even worse. If you were a kid in Scientology and want your story told here, please send me an e-mail.

In most Orgs, there is no nanny or day care services, as there are not enough staff members to even run the Org.

While I was on staff I met, and got to know several children ages 5 to 17.  These were the kids of staff and of public (parishioners).  They are not permitted to be normal children.  If they are not on a Scientology course, they are expected to do work in the Organization.  They are expected to clean, or stuff envelopes, or run messages back and forth all day.  At events, they are supposed to help out serving food and picking up dishes.  They are not paid for this, or even praised.  They are expected to do these actions because they are blessed to be the children of Scientologists.

They, on the most part, are not allowed to go out and play.  This, I consider, is a very strange thing because Hubbard said, "The most valuable thing that a thetan possesses is his spirit of play. His spirit of play is sensation of play and is not just energy. It's a tremendous sensation. A guy has practically lost it if he's here on Earth at all."

If they go to school, when they get out of school, they are expected to come to the Org, have a little snack and then get to work.  They are also expected to be quiet while they are doing it.  If they talk, they are not to be loud.  It is almost a whisper.  If they started out with a sense of humor, believe me, it goes away fast.

The Scientology point of view is that they are not really children.  They are Big Thetans (spiritual beings) in small bodies.  They are expected to be treated as adults, and expected to act like adults. I personally believe that this is one of the reasons there is a high incidence of sexual abuse of children in Scientology.  And why it doesn't get reported very often.  Also, it is considered a crime in the Church of Scientology to take your problems outside the church.  One of the fastest ways to get declared a Suppressive Person, is to report another Scientologist to the police or press.  Children who are abused in Scientology are usually informed that they need to go to the ethics officer and find out how and why they pulled it in.  In other words, children, as well as adults, that have something happen to them are responsible, in some way, for those things happening.

 If a child is sick or injured, it is expected that they will be treated in the Scientology manner.  Touch assists, contact assists and other Scientology processes.  They will not be taken to a doctor unless it threatens to become a legal issue.  If a child has hurt feelings or is unhappy in some way, they are told that they are being "case on post" , which means that their feelings are getting in the way of them doing their job.

And last, many, many children in the church are told from a young age that as they are Scientologists, they will be expected to go on staff as soon as they get to a certain age.  Their parents are hounded continuously to sign their children over to staff or the Sea Org.  This is supposed to happen by age 14 to 16.  Which means that, unless the parents are very strong willed, the child will get no further formal education.

And the look on their faces tell the story far better than I can.  When I saw the photo below, I spent most of the day crying, then I wrote a short poem that I will include blow the photo.  It was taken by a protester in Sea Org Alley, at Flag Land Base, commonly known as the Mecca of Scientology in , Clearwater, Florida.

Please rip out my eyes
So I do not see their tears.
Please seal my ears
So I do not hear their cries.
Please tear out my heart
So I feel no empathy.
For if I must see, hear and
feel these things,
I have no choice, but to act.
And I fear that I haven't
the strength,
to carry on.

Thank you my friends for reading my post.  Please share it with everyone you know.  People need to know the truth about Scientology.

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