Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why in Hell Did You Join That Cult?

That is the question that has been asked of me and many other ex-Scientologists countless times.  There are two main reasons why people join Scientology, or indeed, many cults.  I will give you the reason I joined first, which is a reason many people have joined staff and Sea Organization.

First let me set the stage a bit, for the reason I and so many of my generation could have fallen for a cult like Scientology.  I was born in 1952.  Just seven short years after the United States dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  I grew up in an atmosphere of global fear of a full out atomic war.  Air raid drills were common place where I grew up and were taken seriously.  I grew up near a Strategic Air Command Base.  I was born during the Korean war and that was followed shortly by the war in Viet Nam.  We had nuclear missiles next door in Cuba and then our much loved President Kennedy was assassinated.  All many of my generation wanted was an end to war, and end of fear, peace and freedom.  Not only did we want this, but we wanted to be part of it.  We wanted to make a difference.

Enter an Applied Religious Philosophy (Scientology) that not only promised these things, but that told us by virtue of our wanting these things and wanting to make them happen, we were already among the elite.  Scientology would teach us to become an army of peace and freedom.  A lofty goal eh?  Herein lies the problem.  Scientology promises that they can make this happen.  They can turn you into someone who can actually make a difference.  For someone like me, it was an opened door trap that I gladly walked in to.  I was not looking to have any personal power.  I did not want great riches.  I just wanted to help others.

Scientology also promises that it can help you overcome things about yourself that you don't like.  It can help you communicate better. It can help you in your relationships.  It can help you manage your finances better.  It can make you a valuable employee in any field.  You get the point.  Yeah.  I wanted those things too.  I was one of the elite, but I was also one screwed up human being.  So I opened my mouth, bit the hook, let them set it and allowed them to reel me in.

So what about group number 2?  These are people who search for the esoteric.  The God Seekers.  Scientology tells you that you can find the answers that you seek.  All you have to do is train up as an auditor (a Scientology counselor) and get Scientology auditing yourself.  This is called the Bridge to Total Freedom.  Each level of auditing promises more personal knowledge and power on the next level.  The original promise of L. Ron Hubbard was that if you followed his, and only his, path up the Bridge that you would regain the ability to be at cause knowingly and at will over thought, life, form matter, energy, space and time, subjective and objective, with or without a body.  Wow! Sounds like God eh?  The fact is this.  We, as humans, have always sought to be more than we are.  After all, who wouldn't want all those powers.  The sad fact is, I have known many people that were Clear on up through OT 8 that have yet to demonstrate any of these powers.

Thank you so much for staying with me through this series of posts.  I consider you all my friends (and maybe therapists) for reading these thoughts.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, I will be very glad to hear them.  Stay tuned for more, and again, thank you.


  1. Thank you for posting this. It's an important question that you've answered. A lot of people out there hear about Scientology & the evil & the abuses & then start wondering why would any sane person join this crazy group? I know that you are a very good person & a very smart & articulate person & now I understand exactly why you did what you did. I understand & can empathize with you.

    You're doing a good thing here! Keep writing & don't let anyone or anything distract you & keep you from writing & letting the world know about Scientology & your experiences with them.

    ((huge hugs))


    1. Thank you so much Kimberly. I need to hear stuff like this once in a while. Hugs back at ya!