Sunday, November 4, 2012


Yes, I am scared.  You should be too.  You can call me paranoid.  You can call me a conspiracy theorist.  Hell, you can call me crazy if you want, but please look at the data and analyse it for yourself.  

What has me so afraid?  The Reverend Louis Farrakhan has made a wrong turn and is now leading his flock, the entire Nation of Islam, across the bridge to total destruction and despair.  Farrakhan has not only admitted to studying and practicing Dianetics in his life, he has also said that he has been studying and putting into practice Scientology Technology at Scientology's Celebrity Center in Hollywood, California.  He is also exhorting his followers to do likewise.

So why is this scary?  For one thing, the Nation of Islam is very, very big.  It appears that there are more members of the N.O.I. than there are existing Scientologists.  Can you imagine if he actually gets his all of his followers to join Scientology?  He is actively promoting the Scientology lie that you can be a Muslim and still study Scientology.  We who have been in know how long that lasts.  He likens Dianetics and the PTS/SP technology to  locating and eradicating Demons, even giving references to the Bible and the Koran.  He gives Biblical references leading one to believe that Hubbard's appearance on Earth was prophesied in Daniel and Revelation, and his followers are eating it up!

Here is another frightening thing.  Have you ever heard Reverend Farrakhan speak?  He is a truly charismatic  showman.  By his words and actions he can lead his followers to laugh and weep, sometimes simultaneously. He is one of the most powerful and (excuse the word), dynamic religious speakers of this day and age.  If he truly desires that his flock join Scientology, join they will.  By the busload.  He is a natural leader that can draw the listener into his viewpoint in very short order.  He is a much better public speaker than David Miscavige and when he draws standing ovations it is not just a per forma action. You know that his devotees are totally with him by the thousands.

Are you disturbed yet?  Consider this.  If the entire N.O.I. becomes indoctrinated in Scientology, can you imagine the number of recruits for staff, Sea Org and the Office of Special Affairs?  Also, this organization has a very large constituency that are professional people, meaning a large influx of paying public into the Scientology Orgs and Scientology front groups like Sterling Management and W.I.S.E.

So am I crazy?  Watch the video below.  Make some popcorn and get out your most comfortable blanket.  It is a Scary Movie!  Thank you so much for being here with me today.  Remember to pass this post along to all your friends.  And without any further chit-chat from me, I give you the Reverend Louis Farrakhan.


  1. FWIW - I find it scary as hell too Robert.

    And here's a great comeback critique to Farrakhan's proselytizing of the tech:

  2. I too find it scary, Robert. Another great blog post, putting some of our fears into words.