Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little Girl Lost

There are many people who believe, or would like to believe, that all of the abuses of the "church" of Scientology started with David Miscavige and that everything was Heaven on Earth while Hubbard was still at the helm.  Please let me disabuse you of that notion.  There were many, many incidences of abuse,  abuse of power, sexual abuse, abuse and exploitation of children, and splitting apart of families long before the reign of Miscavige.  As a matter of fact, just about from the very beginning Hubbard ruled with an iron fist and woe to anyone who disagreed with his Captain Bligh ways, even a 10 year old girl.

This is the story of Sharone Stainforth.  Her story is heartbreaking.  Many of you have heard her story, but many, many more need to hear it.  This story should be at the ready if anyone tries to tell you of the virtues of Hubbard and Scientology.  She was the youngest person to ever sign a Sea Organization (The elite command structure of Scientology) contract.  She was also the youngest ever Commodore's (Hubbard) Messenger.  Instead of trying to tell you her story in my words, I will let you hear it from her. Please send this to your friends.  Everyone should hear it.

Warning:  Have your hankies ready.

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  1. It was an honour and a privilege to be at the event and hear Sharone speak.

  2. This story, as well as many others, broke my heart.
    This is why.
    Thank you Pete.

  3. I was a TOTAL honor to be at the Dublin SP Convention and meet and hear ALL of the amazing stories.
    Listening to Sharone's story was heartbreaking..and I'm SO glad you taped all of these, Pete.
    Yes, this is why.
    Thank you, also, Pete. Love to ALL Tory/Magoo

  4. Thanks for being here Tory and thanks for your comment.