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Scientology - Licensed to Kidnap and Kill

In the wake of the Lisa McPherson case and the ensuing lawsuit, Scientology management had to come up with a way to not generate any more bad press and to avoid further lawsuits.  One thing they could not do is discontinue using the Introspection Rundown (which was responsible for McPherson's death).  After all, it was policy written by Hubbard which he had touted as "a technical breakthrough which possibly ranks with the major discoveries of the twentieth century. It is certainly the greatest advancement of 1973 and is now being released after a final wrap-up of research."  Hubbard claimed that he had found the definitive cure for Psychosis.  What he didn't say was that this type of psychosis is caused by cognitive dissonance brought on by upper level Scientology training and processing.

In 2000, Professor Stephen Kent of the University of Alberta, an expert on the sociology of religion, and Scientology in particular, submitted an affidavit in the wrongful death suit in which he stated that: "Seen in historical context, the Introspection Rundown is the culmination of pseudo-psychiatric and pseudo-medical therapies that dates back to the founding of Dianetics and runs through Scientology up to the present day. Nothing about the Introspection Rundown is religious. Hubbard's stated secular intention was to eliminate psychiatry, and Lisa McPherson fell victim to an organization, Scientology's Flag Service Org, whose members were following Scientology policy."

So instead, Miscavige and his henchmen got together with the legal department and came up with a legal contract (known to us as the Lisa clause) that every Scientologist has to sign before taking courses or processing.  Here it is:

Church of Scientology
Flag Service Organization
(hereinafter referred to as "the Church")
Agreement and General Release
Regarding Spiritual Assistance
1. I, ___________________________________, recognize, acknowledge and agree that I am exclusively responsible for my present and future condition in life and for the choices and decisions I make affecting my life. With that in mind, and solely of my own volition and in the independent exercise of my own free will, I am voluntarily signing and submitting to CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY _________________________ (hereinafter the "Church") this AGREEMENT AND GENERAL RELEASE REGARDING SPIRITUAL ASSISTANCE (hereinafter this "Contract") so that, upon its acceptance by the Church, I may participate in Scientology Religious Services and spiritual assistance under the terms, conditions, covenants, waivers and releases I agree to by signing this contract, and by doing so, I specifically acknowledge and reaffirm all other waivers, releases and agreements I have signed with any Church of Scientology.

2. This contract is my statement of my personal understanding concerning Scientology religious tenets and my statements reflecting my own beliefs and desires. By signing this Contract, I recognize, acknowledge and agree that:

a. Scientology is a religion, the Church is a church of the Scientology religion and all the services and activities of the Scientology religion are exclusively religious in nature.

b. Scientology is unalterably opposed, as a matter of religious belief, to the practice of psychiatry, and espouses as a religious belief that the study of the mind and the healing of mentally caused ills should not be alienated from religion or condoned in nonreligious fields. I am in full agreement with this religious belief. I do not believe in or subscribe to psychiatric labels for individuals It is my strongly held religious belief that all mental problems are spiritual in nature and that there is no such thing as a mentally incompetent person-- only those suffering from spiritual upset of one kind or another dramatized by an individual. I reject all psychiatric labels and intend for this Contract to clearly memorialize my desire to be helped exclusively through religious, spiritual means and not through any form of psychiatric treatment, specifically including involuntary commitment based on so-called lack of competence. Under no circumstances, at any time, do I wish to be denied my right to care from members of my religion to the exclusion of psychiatric care or psychiatric directed care, regardless of what any psychiatrist, medical person, designated member of the state or family member may assert supposedly on my behalf. If circumstances should ever arise in which government, medical or psychiatric officials or personnel or family members or friends attempt to compel or coerce or commit me for psychiatric evaluation, treatment or hospitalization, I fully desire and expect that the Church or Scientologists will intercede on my behalf to oppose such efforts and/or extricate me from that predicament so my spiritual needs may be addressed in accordance with the tenets of the Scientology religion.

c. As I so strongly disagree, as a matter of religious principle, with the use of psychiatric treatment for anyone, including myself, I reject the usage of psychiatric labels and I believe in assisting individuals through religious and spiritual means. Therefore, I am hereby specifying that should I get into a situation in the future, unlikely as it is, where others may think that I need psychiatric treatment of any kind, that I instead desire to receive Scientology spiritual assistance and that it can include, but is not limited to, the Introspection Rundown. Further, I realize that in the future it may consequently be suggested by a senior Scientology minister, should the need arise, that I receive such spiritual assistance, and again, I want to make it clear that under such circumstances I desire to receive Scientology Spiritual Assistance, which may include, but not be limited to, the Introspection Rundown.d. The Scientology religion teaches that the spirit can be saved and that the spirit alone may save or heal the body, and the Introspection Rundown is intended to save the spirit. I understand that the Introspection Rundown is an intensive, rigorous Religious Service that includes being isolated from all sources of potential spiritual upset, including but not limited to family members, friends or others with whom I might normally interact. As part of the Introspection Rundown, I specifically consent to Church members being with me 24 hours a day at the direction of my Case Supervisor, in accordance with the tenets and custom of the Scientology religion. The Case Supervisor will determine the time period in which I will remain isolated, according to the beliefs and practices of the Scientology religion. I further specifically acknowledge that the duration of any such isolation is uncertain, determined only by my spiritual condition, but that such duration will be completely at the discretion of the Case Supervisor. I also specifically consent to the presence of Church members around the clock for whatever length of time is necessary to perform the Introspection Rundown's processes and to achieve the spiritual results of the Introspection Rundown. I understand, acknowledge and agree that the Introspection Rundown addresses only the individual's spiritual needs and I freely consent, without reservation, and without condition or limitation, to Church members conducting the Introspection Rundown, and that I accept and assume all known and unknown risks of injury, loss, or damage resulting from my decision to participate in the Introspection Rundown and specifically absolve all persons and entities from all liabilities of any kind, without limitation, associated with my participation or their participation in my Introspection Rundown


I sign this Agreement and General Release Regarding Spiritual Assistance on this __ day of _________, 20__, intending to be legally bound to it, and request that I be permitted to participate in spiritual assistance.

What this means for the poor, unsuspecting Scientologist is that if the flip out on course, on post, or in auditing, or if they are at home when they flip out and their family has them committed for observation is that people from the "church" can come in and take them and hold them against their will for as long as it takes until they are deemed cured of their psychosis.

The Catholic Church may have its problems but you will not have to sign a contract not to sue in order to take communion.  Linda Hight, A spokeswoman for Scientology said that the contract is self-explanatory.
"I'm sure you know the English language," she said, "and you know what it means."
She described psychiatry as "barbaric, harmful, and fraudulent." "The contract is drawn up," Hight added, "for those who wish [to use it]." Seriously though, if the Lisa case was the only abuse on the Introspection Rundown it would be bad enough, but there are many other cases of abuse on this rundown that many people are unaware of. 

In an interview by FactNet, Jesse Prince had this to say:

L: Rick Clinger's wife, Cat Clinger is her real name.
J: She wasn't his wife at this time, he was married to someone else. Her name was Cat Morrow when I was there. She was the head of the Wolly unit, Wolly World, data collection. They called it Wolly World. She was under extreme pressure at a point in time where she wasn't sleeping, she wasn't eating, she was being screamed at 60% of the day, just working day and night, and she flipped. At which point, you know, it seems like people do just go to a certain point and it's not like you can say, I'm sorry, let's go to bed now. No, they don't sleep anymore, they are over the edge. She got the standard treatment of being locked up in a room by herself to scream and just do everything. No restraint, physically.

L: They physically locked her up when she went psychotic?
J: Yeah. They hold you under guard when that happens.

L: Against your will?
J: Absolutely. Just like Lisa McPherson , the standard practice. You are incarcerated at that point, and you're not going to be un-incarcerated until they think you're OK.

L: So is that all you know about Cat, that she was locked up? Do you know of other people that were locked up, who went psychotic against their will?
J: Yes, well one person that Stacy Young and I had to watch a girl named Teresa, we were watching her together.

L: Teresa, what was her last name?
J: I don't know her last name. She was a staff member at Gold. There was some big deadline about getting up a new Mark 7, and she was a Spanish girl, a cultural girl. She had skin pretty much the color of mine, black hair, very pretty girl, young girl, about 19 or 20. She was made to stay up day and night, soldering wires and crap to the e-meter, like on assembly. She started to loose it. The higher RC was saying she's out ethics, she's making overt products, that's why. Then the next thing you know, this girl is speaking and in a place so different than anyone else. She's gone over the edge, she's babbling. She's talking all out of her head. They immediately took her from the Hemet base and put her in Happy Valley, which is a little compound that they have where the children stay, it's by an Indian reservation. My God, talk about first hand experience. Stacy and I and that girl Susie Watson Taylor and a couple of guys, it was like 5 of us watching this girl, keeping her confined to a house. One time she got out of the house and there was this huge cactus out in the yard, and she pulled with her bare hand, one of the leaves off, threw it on the ground, and jumped up and down on the damn thing. I mean, her body was pierced everywhere. She didn't feel a thing, she was laughing. I along with a bunch of other people, pulled the thorns out of her, put hydrogen peroxide on her, and she had a fever, but still would not sleep, would not sleep. This went on for about 3 days. Then she started getting little cat naps. Now, I am so worried, because this woman is talking in voices. She hit me harder than I think I've ever been hit in my life, and now here comes Dr. Denk out there. He has five of us hold her down and he gives her a shot, to make her go to sleep. Her last words is, before she goes under, she looks me right in the eyes and says, "I'm not going to forget you for this Jesse, I'm going to get you." And she conks out. Me of all people. Everyone watched her, she ways this to me. Well, she slept for 2 hours and she was right the hell back up. They tried to give her pills and all of this stuff. Anyway, to make a long story short, it took about a month and a half for this woman to start sleeping again, and then making her eat again. She was getting introspection run down, passing notes back and forth to the case supervisor. She says she wants to go, no one will let her go.

L: She said she wanted to leave, they wouldn't let her out?
J: No.

L: Did Denk know she had gone psychotic?
J: Yes, that' why he was out there giving her a shot. We were worried that she was going to die because she wasn't sleeping, and was getting wilder and wilder and wilder. She ran off and just ran up a damn mountain. No one could even follow her. She was running faster than the dogs.

L: They have dogs out there, chasing -
J: No, just dogs hanging around, ranch dogs. Dogs couldn't even keep up with her. This woman had super-human strength.

L: She was psychotic?
J: Completely, utterly, totally.

L: Were they worried about the woman or were they worried that the Riverside police might come onto the compound?
J: It goes beyond that, her parents were calling, wanting to know where her daughter is.

L: Were they lying to the parents?
J: Yes.

L: The parents were worried and they were lying.
J: She's fine, she's just been working too hard, she's just taking a break. Wouldn't let the parents talk to her, but then, after a while, she was allowed to call her parents. She was told what the hell to say.

L: She was told what to tell them?
J: Yeah.

L: So she was held against her will, her parents were lied to, this was in Riverside County, and Denk knew that she was being held against her will when he administered the shots to her?
J: Right.

L: Did Denk, did you ever hear of Dink going to anyone else who was being held against his will and giving them medication of any kind, anyone that was in a psychotic state or locked up?
J: No, that's the only one that I personally was a witness to. The girl finally came to herself a little better, she was immediately sent away.

And then there is:

The Prisoners of Saint Hill

The Independent
Monday 31 January 1994

by Tim Kelsey and Mike Ricks

The Scientologists call it "baby-watching", but it has nothing to do with looking after infants. TIM KELSEY and MIKE RICKS investigate the potentially dangerous, and possibly illegal, secret treatment that the  world's largest cult uses to deal with difficult members.

The middle-aged German student started screaming. He seemed to have lost control. He was a Scientologist, a member of the world's largest cult, on a course of study that, he had been promised, would bring him closer to the secrets of the universe and, eventually, give him the key to eternal life.

According to eyewitnesses, the man, whose name is known to the "Independent", was taken to an isolated room in a communal building not far from Saint Hill, a 17th-century manor house in East Grinstead, West Sussex, and the UK headquarters of the cult.

For two weeks, the room was locked.  The German had been placed on an "isolation watch" - or what Scientologists more informally refer to as a "baby watch".  It is a treatment that was prescribed by the founder of the cult, L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer, for members showing signs of psychosis or mental ill-health -- people who are, literally, plagued by evil spirits. It is the last resort for dealing with difficult Scientologists. It is a treatment that the organisation has so far kept secret.

The subject of the watch is observed at all times, and not allowed to talk to anybody.  He or she is, in the language of the cult, "muzzled".  Our witnesses, who have asked to remain anonymous, remember that the German was sometimes incontinent and that they had to wash him down at the sink in the otherwise bare
room. The five people who guarded him were only allowed to communicate with him in writing.  Eventually he was allowed to return to Germany.

I think you get the idea.  In a sane society, this policy alone should have gotten Scientology shut down a long, long time ago.  Please watch the short video below for more information.



  1. Hard to keep the RAEG in check with articles like this. Where I struggle is in maintaining the idea that Scientologists - the ordinary grunts roped into these sorts of situations - don't intend any harm to those they are "treating". Their actions exhibit conscious callous disregard for the suffering of another human being and a malignant arrogance fueled by deliberate and beligerent ignorance. What the fuck were they thinking?

    And then, when I calm down, I remember what they were thinking. Things like HCOB 10 August 1973 - PTS Handling which, in part, states:

    "There are two stable data which anyone has to have, understand and KNOW ARE TRUE in order to obtain results in handling the person connected to suppressives.

    These data are:

    1. That all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition . . . A PTS person is rarely psychotic. But all psychotics are PTS if only to themselves. A PTS person may be in a state of deficiency or pathology which prevents a ready recovery, but at the same time he will not fully recover unless the PTS condition is also handled . . "

    Fucking insane!!

    You know, I really don't mind grown adults with access to all the required information fucking their mind up to such a state they duplicate Xenu . . . but, surely, fucking your mind up to such a state that a person "knows" this "data" to be "true" should be locked up for their own good and for the good of all of us.

    Okay . . . rant over. Thanks for the space to spew. Love your work ; )

    1. Thank you so much for your reply. No doubt, if Ron had gotten the psychological help that he sought, the world would be a better place now.