Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sneaky Scientology - Can We Ever be Friends?

Possibly the worst thing for a young Scientologist is to find that they have a family member, friend or significant other who is antagonistic toward Scientology.  They know that they will have to do one of two things with this person.  "Handle or Disconnect".  If they fail in this, they know that it means probable denial of further Scientology Services, a thought that strikes terror in the heart of any Scientologist.  The problem for the new Scientologist is that he or she has not been trained to "handle" those who know nothing about Scientology.  They have not been trained in the deceptive sales techniques that Scientology's Dissemination and Public Divisions have.  So what to do?

No problem.  The Ethics Officer will sell you an Audio presentation that you can give to your loved one (s).  You can tell them that this might clear up some of their misconceptions, that you may have accidentally caused by not knowing the right thing to say.  What they, and you as a new Scientologist don't know is that this audio is full of actual Dianetics and Scientology processes along with some Public Division tricks.  It is actually devised to drive an unsuspecting antagonist down into their own "case" (used to mean the entire accumulation of upsets, pain, failures, etc., residing in a persons reactive mind).  Let's listen to the first 5 minutes of this audio file and then we will discuss the insidious tactics being used.

Alright.  Let's look at this.  First, he uses Public Division (the people responsible for bringing new people in), tactics.  He finds your ruin (Scientology definition - Ruin, before you can save someone from ruin, you must find out what their own personal ruin is. This is basically – what is ruining them? What is messing them up? It must be a condition that is real to the individual as an unwanted condition, or one that can be made real to him.)  Then he tries to make you feel bad about it by insinuating that it may be, at least partially, your fault.  Then he uses actual Dianetics Auditing (Scientology counseling, taken from the Latin word audire which means “to hear or listen.”) showing you the way you felt about something and then asking you to find a time when you felt that way earlier.  This is a big part of Dianetics auditing.  The awful part of this is that he spins you down into your case, but doesn't help you alleviate that now nagging feeling you have down in your guts.  

Then at last, when you feel like crying, he offers you some hope.  He gives you, the loved one, the responsibility of finding out about Scientology for yourself.  But he does not want you to find out from another person or persons.  You are only to look at Scientology (Hubbard) written sources.  They hope, in this way, they will get you into a Scientology Org, and make you a Scientologist as well.  Failing in that, at least to make you a little less antagonistic to Scientology.

So if your loved one comes up and tries to give you a copy of "Can We Ever Be Friends?", you can say that you already know about that, and share the information that you have learned here.  Oh!  By the way.  If the above data isn't bad enough for you, I need to tell you this.  The audio presentation was produced by OSA (Office of Special Affairs - Scientology's Secret Police) and narrated by an OSA chaplain. Something to think about eh?

Thanks for spending some time with me today, and come back often for more.  As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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  1. You must face the fact that what you call "false information" can in fact be the truth. The scientologest must be able to look at all information presented and consider what they are being told.