Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lisa McPherson - Death By Scientology

On December 5th 1995 Lisa McPherson, a long time parishioner of the "church" of Scientology died after having been held against her will for 17 days on Scientology's Introspection Rundown, having been "diagnosed" by Scientologists as psychotic.   Scientologists believe that the only cure for psychosis is the I/R because that is what Hubbard said:

"The psychotic break,the last of the "unsolvable"conditions that can trap a person,has been solved." - L.Ron Hubbard - HCO BULLETIN OF 23 JANUARY 1974RB REVISED 25 APRIL 1991 - THE TECHNICAL BREAKTHROUGH OF 1973! THE INTROSPECTION RD

For 17 days, she had very little to eat or drink.  She threw up most of the food she managed to choke down, begged to be set free, beat on the walls, cried and screamed to no avail.  Her caretakers were not allowed to speak to her.  Finally, on day 17 someone figured out that she was dying and they had to do something about it.  So did they call the paramedics and an ambulance (like any sane person would do)?  No.  You see that would cause too many questions to have paramedics arrive at the Fort Harrison Hotel.  You see, in Scientology, it is practically illegal to be ill.  It is bad public relations.  So did they take her to the nearest emergency room?  No.  They put her in one of their vans, and transported her past the first 4 hospitals instead opting for a hospital 45 minutes away.  When time was of the essence!  And somewhere in between, when she still could have been saved, she died.  Some conjecture that this was done on purpose to avoid a potential flap (Scientology speak for bad P/R).  Of course, like many of their efforts, it created an even bigger flap. I think it is murder:

Depraved-heart murder, also known as depraved-indifference murder, is an American legal term for an action that demonstrates a "callous disregard for human life" and results in death. In most states, depraved heart killings constitute second-degree murder.

Marty Rathbun, who was second in command of the "church" at the time has said that her case was personally C/S'ed (Case Supervisor)by David Miscavige.  Although Miscavige had no training as a C/S at that level, or any other C/S training at that time.  Mr Rathbun has also admitted some culpability in the tampering of evidence and other dirty tricks on the coroner and officials in the following criminal case against Scientology at Mr Miscavige's behest.  Eventually, due to lack of evidence and the reversal of cause of death by the coroner, the case was dismissed.  This does NOT mean that Scientology was found guilty.  Scientology settled with Lisa's family in the civil case.  To this day, Scientology takes no responsibility in the death of Lisa McPherson.

Two years after hear death, Mike Rinder  (who was, at that time, the head of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs, their not-so secret police), was interviewed.  You can tell that the (church's) view is that it is just standard policy.

Presenter: Rest and relaxation sounds like a wonderful idea. But the records say that two days into her stay she was spitting out food and vomiting, four days into her stay she was ashen faced and feverish, and  then she became violent, striking the attendants, hallucinating, thinking that she's L. Ron Hubbard, being too weak to stand, soiling herself, crying, babbling, breaking things. At that point, isn't it clear that  it's not working?
Rinder: What’s not working?

Presenter: Resting, taking her away?

Rinder:  I don't think that that's clear at all. I don't think that you can draw inferences or conclusions from what is said. You can read other reports and later on there is a different perspective.

Presenter:  But these are the church records.

Rinder: Of course they are.

Well, Mr Rinder, what do you think now?  You can even comment here.

And later in the same television show:

KEN DANDAR: (The attorney representing McPherson's family) So could you imagine Lisa McPherson, who is mentally unstable according to Scientology, is having these people come in and try to force feed her, and she's yelling and screaming at them. She's banging on the wall. She's fighting with them. She's asking them questions. But they are not allowed to respond to her. All they can do is turn around and walk out the room, and then write a report to the case supervisor and close the door behind them. And she's not allowed to leave.

RINDER: Dandar is an idiot. That's my response to that. He hasn't got a clue. He is the worst of the worst of what makes the American legal system so out of control. He is an ambulance chasing gold digger.

DANDAR: My reply to that is simple: If they had called an ambulance for Lisa McPherson, I wouldn't be here today.

I think we will leave it at that.  I think Mr Dandar said it all. Except that it is my hope that the case may someday be re-opened by some Attorney General who actually cares about justice, and maybe prosecutes from the top down.

You can watch the above show here:

My undying thanks to Arnie Lerma for his courage and dedication for keeping the above data safe and available.  CLICK HERE to go to his site.  There are G/B's of great truth about Scientology there.  Thank you for being here today.  Please comment and share this post.


  1. we remember lisa mc pherson in paris france too we had a special tribute for her the very same december 5th this year 2012

    1. Thank you for reading. And thank you for your protests.