Saturday, February 16, 2013

Attention Parents

Kyle Brennan's death (you can read about it here) is one of too many deaths of young people at the hands of Scientology.  Scientology and the Clearwater Fl. Police Dept. (who are somehow controlled by Scientology) claim that he committed suicide.  I as well as many have doubts that it was suicide but, if it was indeed suicide it was, in my opinion, a case of Depraved Indifference Homicide.  You see, Kyle's father, at the command of Scientology, took Kyle's anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication away from him and locked it in his trunk.  This left Kyle in a state of instant withdrawal with no medical, or any other, supervision.  Anyone with a brain could see that this was an invitation to disaster.  Kyle's father was afraid that as he was connected to a person (His Own Son), who was on psychiatric drugs, and if he didn't handle his son, (get him off of the drugs), he might not be able to continue to receive services from Scientology.  Kyle's mother, Victoria Britton, spoke publicly for the first time last night with God Discussion on Blog Talk Radio.

This by Denise Brennan:

Below is a podcast of a three-hour radio show last night, February 15, 2013. In my opinion it is one of the most important recordings ever made about the dangers of organized scientology and how it can hurt any of our children. 

There were several very helpful panel members and people who called in but the main person speaking for the first time publically was Victoria Britton, the mother of Kyle Brennan who died tragically at the "mecca" of scientology in Clearwater, FL. Victoria's love, compassion, goodness and pain shown through to tell a story that we all need to hear.

I highly recommend that people listen to this and pass it on to all possible media contacts so it can be spread even further.Kyle Brennan could have been the child of any of us. And what happened to Kyle could happen to any of our children. I wish every mother and father in the world could hear this.

Listen to internet radio with God Discussion on Blog Talk Radio


Contact your State representatives and senators and ask them to enact laws against depriving children and young charges of medical attention or medication in the name of religion or faith healing.  Recently the state of Oregon in the U.S. passed a law that makes it illegal for parents to deprive their children of medical attention because of religious beliefs:  

"Lawmakers said if parents don't get medical attention for their kids, they will be charged with manslaughter if not murder.

"That they do not seek medical care when their child is suffering much less dying is just inexcusable. They have a right to practice their own beliefs on themselves but the state of Oregon says you don't have the right to practice your belief on your children," said State Representative Carolyn Tomei."  You can read the full story here.

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