Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Petition - Why We Should Sign It

Ok.  I know how you feel.  Every time we have had a petition up, even when we had the required amount of signatures, it hasn't gone the way we wanted it.  Now, it seems to have us daunted because the required number of signatures is much higher.  It is up to 100,000 now.  So far we have only gotten 2137 as of this writing.  We only have until February 20th to get the remaining signatures.

I would like to put this in sports terms for a minute.  Every time a batter comes to the plate, the odds against that man hitting a home run are 1 in 35.26.  Each time you come to bat, you are that much closer to a hit.  There is only of definite in this equation.  If you don't walk up to the plate, you will never get a hit.

This time we are asking that the President remove the religious and tax exempt status of the "church" of Scientology.  Here is the petition:


Recognize that the Church of Scientology is harmful to both its members and critics and revoke tax exempt 

It is obvious that the Church of Scientology is physically and psychologically abusing its members in an attempt to extort from them.

Scientology is abusing its legal classification as a religion to deny its members basic human rights and operate as a criminal organization. It is time to revoke the status it so wantonly abuses.

It is also time to recognize the Church's abuse of the United States legal system to illegally impose its will on those that would criticize Scientology and its practices and bring to light the true purpose of Scientology: to take advantage of people through extortion, intimidation, and faux-religious blind-siding.

I urge to to please sign this petition and to get as many people as you can to sign as well.  It is so important to keep our fight in the public eye at this time.  Many people are saying that they "church" is going down what with all of the bad publicity going on.  We know that is not true.  Scientology has survived worse.  It is up to us to keep up the pressure on the government and to educate the people at large.  Please make sure that everyone you know signs this petition.  Please copy and paste the following link into your browsers location bar:

Thank you for listening to me.

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